Cosmo Editor Confirms It - Men (Especially Doting Fathers) Can't Win

Uploaded 5/8/19 by JVL, screenshot from BBC video embedded in the story.

Numerous recent events have confirmed – yet again – what we already know about progressives: they are humorless scolds, and the sight of other people laughing or smiling or enjoying life sends them into a tailspin.


The worst tailspinners on the left are its feminist writers, who confirm every negative stereotype about women: they nag, they can’t decide what they want men (or even other women) to do, they lecture, and they completely lay into people they believe transgressed one of their laws (even if they didn’t).

When Prince Harry excitedly announced that his wife, Meghan Markle, had given birth to a son and expressed gratitude that everything had gone well, normal people around the world were happy for him. He was so visibly overjoyed (in stark contrast to his father’s Vulcan-ish demeanor) that only a completely and utterly miserable person would be able to stifle a smile.

While making the announcement, he was almost jumping around like a school boy. Sporting a huge grin, Prince Harry said:

“I’m very excited to announce that Meghan and myself had a baby boy early this morning, a very healthy boy. Mother and baby are doing incredibly well. It’s been the most amazing experience I can ever possibly imagine. How any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension, but we are both absolutely thrilled and so grateful to all of the love and support from everybody out there. It’s been amazing. So I just wanted to share this with everybody.

“It was amazing. Absolutely incredible. I’m so incredibly proud of my wife. And, as every father and parent would ever say, your baby is absolutely amazing. But this little thing is absolutely to die for, so I’m just over the moon.”


What sweet – and natural – sentiments from a first-time father who is filled with love for the woman who brought their child into the world and gratitude that he arrived without complications. Though it happens every day, when one stops to think about it, that two people have the ability to create a child is mind-blowing. Having just watched his wife give birth, experiencing intense pain and putting in a lot of physical effort (they don’t call it labor for nothin’), after carrying the child for nine months, Harry’s demeanor and reaction is exactly what one would expect from a father.

Two days later the Royal Couple appeared together with their son to announce his name. Harry, holding Archie, was again the doting father and obviously completely in love with his wife and child.

Naturally women on Twitter and other social media channels swooned over Harry the family man, a Prince Charming who’s devoted to his wife and son – and being a partner in parenting instead of leaving it to his wife or nannies, which should have made feminists very happy. He flies helicopters, is a man’s man, and not ashamed to giddily proclaim his love for his wife and child in front of the entire world.


Feminists should have been rejoicing, but, no. They’re miserable in their own lives, so no one else can be doing anything right. One Cosmo editor was so incensed by the praise Harry was receiving that she had to take the time out of her day write an op-ed titled “Prince Harry’s Show of Parenting is Not Worth Celebrating,” in which she belittled the new dad…

“To recap: Prince Harry has so far commended his wife on giving birth to a human child, and he’s also held his own bb spawn in front of a camera. I get it. Royal babies are so cute! So exciting! Cheeks!”

…then added a side of contradictory snark. After saying that what Harry did was NBD (no big deal), she moans that not enough men are doing it.

“But. Isn’t it sort of sad that these displays of parenting—but really, of being a dad—are still so unexpected and noteworthy that they inspire this much attention?”

No, no, no! That is not it at all. Women are wired to find this type of behavior attractive and to, well, “awww” over it. C’mon, “Party of Science,” this is biological!

That jab at all of the lesser dads was just the segue into her real point – since every mom isn’t as happy as Meghan Markle right now, dammit, we must remind everyone that there are victims to be coddled. The piece continues:

“Mothering, on the other hand, remains invisible. (Not to mention, expected.)”


Invisible? She’s obviously not inhabiting this planet. Motherhood, the natural feminine instinct, is routinely celebrated in our society. Despite the best efforts of “feminists,” women still have the innate longing to nurture and “mother.”

Even “old” men celebrate the feminine nurturing, maternal instinct, which is a critical part of a stable society…

…as Prince Harry intimated when he told a reporter that not having his mother there to bond with her grandson is “like missing some kind of security.”


Our intrepid Cosmo editor wasn’t done, though. She had to give a tip-of-the-hat to each of the 782 other genders, non-genders, and sexual orientations in her piece, because we must acknowledge all of the victims. (That’s sarcasm.)

“(By the way, none of this even begins to address how society views and treats queer and transgender parents, but that’s a whole other rant for another day.)”

She can’t really be blamed, though, for this depressing and completely unattractive worldview, since her days are filled with:

“…oversee[ing] a team of whip-smart editors and hilarious writers who bring you some of the best investigations on the internet, from dissecting the latest Kardashian drama to uncovering the link between white supremacy and misogyny.”

Poor Harry. He’s just trying to do what comes naturally, and unknowingly triggered the angry spinster mobs.


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