Disgusting: Brady Campaign Exploits New Zealand Terror Attack

Uploaded 3/15/19 by JVL, screenshot from Australian television YouTube

It’s not surprising to see cringe-worthy, extremely insensitive hot takes in the immediate aftermath of a mass shooting or terror attack. It’s also not surprising to see knee-jerk politicization of the event or finger-pointing. Sometimes these tweets or comments can be overlooked as being made in the heat of the moment, and without proper reflection.


And then there’s a deliberate attempt to exploit fear and grief to build your organization’s email list, as the Brady Campaign did early Friday afternoon, while details about the terror attack in New Zealand were still emerging.  Stephen Gutkowski of the Free Beacon tweeted the email he received from the group.

Now, obviously, if he received the email, he was already on the list. But it’s a great way to see who really does read those emails and who’s still engaged in the struggle!

It’s a little surprising that the landing page doesn’t ask for a donation – at least someone there had the sense to realize that asking for donations as part of this effort might really go over the line.



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