Kamala "Check Our Hypocrisy" Harris Has This Child's Blood on Her Hands

Drew Rosenberg in San Francisco. He was killed by illegal alien Roberto Galo in 2011. Credit: Rosenberg family photo, used with permission.

In Monday night’s #HarrisTownHall, 2020 POTUS candidate (and grandstanding Senator from California) Kamala Harris answered a question on paid parental leave thusly:


Now, we’re all aware that the only time progressives aren’t accusing conservatives of not caring about children is when they’re calling us racist (or maybe claim we’re destroying the planet), so we roll our eyes at Harris’ hypocritical tsk-tsks.

To one California dad, Don Rosenberg, Harris’ words about hypocrisy and caring about the safety and well-being of others’ children ring especially hollow. Kamala Harris was San Francisco District Attorney in November 2010, when Rosenberg’s son, Drew, was murdered by a man who was in the country illegally and who had been arrested previously for driving without a license. Kamala’s office oversaw the “prosecution” of Roberto Galo, who eventually spent less than 45 days in jail as punishment for taking an innocent life.

Rosenberg believes his son’s blood is on the hands of Kamala Harris and then-Mayor Gavin Newsom because it was their pro-illegal alien policies that allowed Galo to remain in the country, to remain on the streets, and to have access to the vehicle with which he ran down Drew Rosenberg.


The two (who owe their political lives to notoriously shady former San Fran Mayor Willie Brown) are at fault because, Rosenberg contends, Newsom instituted a “policy” in September 2009 to not impound the vehicles of illegal aliens arrested for driving without a license, and Harris’s office had a similar policy, to not prosecute unlicensed drivers unless they had been in a fatal collision, both of which benefited Roberto Galo.

Galo had been arrested at least once for a driving offense before he killed Drew Rosenberg. In June 2010 he was pulled over for going the wrong way down a one-way street, then was arrested for that charge in addition to driving without a license and driving without insurance. His car was impounded, but less than a day later it was released to him. Galo quickly signed the car over to a person Rosenberg believes was Galo’s boss, who then got insurance on the car and listed Galo as an additional driver – even though he didn’t have a license. Eventually, one of Kamala Harris’ staff DA’s allowed Galo to plead only to the least serious charge, driving the wrong way on a one-way street.

Galo continued his reckless driving habits, and on November 16, 2010 he made a left-hand turn directly into Drew Rosenberg, who was riding his motorcycle. Drew had the right-of-way, was wearing a proper helmet, and was properly licensed. Galo was clearly at fault and, knowing this, attempted to escape. During this escape attempt Galo ran over Drew multiple times.


San Francisco police charged Galo with vehicular homicide, which inexplicably was reduced to a misdemeanor. Harris’ office was either massively inept or simply didn’t care about obtaining justice for Drew, his parents, and his siblings, or they simply didn’t care because Drew’s life wasn’t one of the politically expedient lives that matter. They allowed Galo’s car to be sold out of impound less than a month after Drew was killed, and while the pending charges were still felonies. And, though the police report indicated Galo was possibly intoxicated, the DA’s office was never able to provide Rosenberg with any toxicology reports.

Rosenberg has written Harris repeatedly through the years to seek her assistance and hoping she’d have a change of heart. He received one generic response from a staffer in Harris’ office while she was Attorney General, but, other than that, silence.

Still, in addition to assuring us of her moral superiority in caring for children, Harris plays up her prosecutorial creds at any opportunity.


In this clip from the January 21 Good Morning America appearance in which she announced her candidacy, Harris says:

“I am a career prosecutor, as you said. My entire career has been focused on keeping people safe. It is probably one of the things that motivates me more than anything else. And when I look at this moment in time I know that the American people deserve to have somebody who is going to fight for them, who is going to see them, who will hear them, who will care about them, who will be concerned about their experience, and who will put them in front of-self interest.”

Knowing Drew Rosenberg’s story – and his is just one of thousands – listening to Kamala Harris claim she is focused on keeping people safe, and that she will “care about them” and “fight for them,” is infuriating. When asked to comment on the above clip, Don Rosenberg told RedState:

“If her [Kamala Harris] entire career has been focused on keeping people safe, she is a failure. As District Attorney she refused to prosecute the illegal alien who would eventually kill my son. After she became Attorney General and we complained about the treatment we’d received from her underlings in San Francisco, it took one of her inept staffers eight months to respond to a letter I sent her with essentially a completely unresponsive answer.

She has never responded to two more emails I sent her and refused to meet with me as my Senator, although she somehow found time to meet with illegal aliens. The sign outside her Senate office says that “DREAMers” are welcome, but as a victim to illegal alien crime I am not.”


It certainly begs the question, exactly who is the hypocritical one who doesn’t care about the safety of others’ children?


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