Will Jeff Flake Please Stop Sending Signals to the Unhinged Left?

Uploaded 10/5/18 by JVL, screenshot from AP video

Jeff Flake sent out the Bat(s*** crazy) Signal to the Kavanaught Handmaidens Friday.


Seriously, why can’t he just say yes or no? (Because he’s a politician and thinks he has endless amounts of wisdom to dispense, of course.)

As Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Spineless) left the Capitol Friday, reporters chased him down, and one asked him, “Do you plan to vote yes tomorrow?” His reply, “Unless something big changes. I don’t see it.”

On Murkowski: “I admire her a lot. A lot. Everybody had to make their own decision, and I think the world of her.”

Flake believes Kavanaugh will be confirmed Saturday, but said, “This is a difficult decision for everybody. ”

The crybaby face, the measured, pained tone of voice, and the words, “Unless something big changes,” were the equivalent of waving a big red flag in front of a bull, then taking off running down the streets of Pamplona. The Soros-fueled #Resistance is likely conferring with Avenatti right now, deciding which preposterous allegation will mysteriously be released in the next 12-18 hours.


A continued character assassination of Brett Kavanaugh is okay, though, because now Flake’s just “glad we had a better process.”

Cocaine Mitch, Cocaine Lindsey, Cocaine Orrin, and Cocaine Chuck better have full-time security around Flake and not let these wackadoodles near him. And Jeff, please do not speak. Sometimes discretion isn’t the better part of valor; silence is.


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