Flake Scolds Trump for Talking About "Sensitive Matter" at a Political Rally

President Trump must be shaking in his boots right now, since the dumb-and-dumber pair of Chris Coons and Jeff Flake tsk-tsk’d him on the Today show Wednesday morning.


The topic? Trump’s comments about a political stunt while holding a political stunt. Flake said:

Well, there’s no time and no place for remarks like that. To discuss something this sensitive at a political rally is just not right….It’s kind of appalling.

Flake spent a minute shaming Kavanaugh, too.

Some of the comments were sharp [in the hearing] and more partisan than a lot of us would like to see.

Guthrie of course had to bring up their new tactic – “excessive drinking” – and ask whether, if the Committee found Kavanaugh drank more excessively than what he admitted to in the hearing, if that could be perjury. Fortunately both Senators shied away from agreeing with that. In the end, Jeff thinks his little stunt is worth it for the cause of Democracy.

Even if no votes are changed in the end…the FBI investigation gives us more confidence in the process.

Sure, Jeff, tell yourself that.

How does it feel to be a useful idiot?


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