SJW Tells a Naturalized Immigrant She Doesn't Know What Oppression's Like, Gets Slapped Down

As they say, “know your audience.” On Thursday “Harry” attempted to troll @SuperAndrea using his superior social justice skills, but he didn’t understand his audience. At all.


He keeps talking…

Ignoring another age-old piece of wisdom: Just stop talking.

Not a minority… okay…

She tells him she’s an immigrant, but he keeps.on.going.

Andrea’s family emigrated from Chile when she was in elementary school. Her parents were able to make it here and raise their family as Americans only after great sacrifice. If you follow her on Twitter, she’s described how hard her parents worked and how hard she and her siblings also had to work for their family to get by and come here legally.

Friday Andrea came back to Twitter to really let “Harry” know just how badly he stepped in it.


Wow. Hide = chapped.

“Harry” is over on his account making videos of his mentions and claiming he’s laughing at people who don’t know what a “stan” account is. Hmmm, sure.


Then he lets his ageist, misogynist flag fly.

At least he didn’t say we could go buy his bills so he could go buy more Ariana Grande merchandise.

(P.S. Full disclosure and a little bit of a humble brag…. Andrea is one of my besties.)


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