CA Gov Candidate John Cox Uses In-N-Out Boycott to Highlight Newsom's Elitism

On Thursday, California Democratic Party chair Eric Bauman made the stupid play (as Kira wrote about here) of calling for a boycott of In-N-Out Burger, the iconic, wildly-popular, native Californian burger chain, because of a $25,000 donation to the California Republican Party.


As a Californian whose first stop was In-N-Out during every visit home while she lived in exile in other states, all I can say is – good luck with that! What’s sort of ironic is that In-N-Out treats their workers so well, voluntarily paying over minimum wage to attract the best and most service-oriented workers and offering incredible benefits to their employees, that it’s one of the most sought-after fast food restaurants to work for. Isn’t that the type of company the Democrats should like? Or are they only fans of companies they extort and exert control over?

Anyway, California Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox made his feelings on the issue known quickly, and used it as an opportunity to challenge Dem candidate Gavin Newsom.

Gavin, believing he’s got this election all wrapped up, has only agreed to one debate this fall – hosted by CNN – out of the five debates Cox proposed. So Cox took the opportunity to propose a different kind of debate and highlight Newsom’s San Francisco elitism at the same time: a Double Double versus Caviar joust.


Among Californians, those outside of San Francisco generally roll their eyes at the snooty residents of the poop-filled town, while San Franciscans believe they have sole claim on any type of culture to be found in the state. And, Gavin doesn’t help things with photos like this (with his ex-wife Kimberly Guilfoyle):

Gavin and his new wife, Jennifer, love to dispense advice to Californians on every aspect of their lives and, of course, Gavin works to turn that advice into legal mandates. Pointing out Gavin’s know-it-all elitism is a winning message for Cox.

And having the In-N-Out truck at his rallies wouldn’t hurt either.


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