LA City Councilman Threatens "Angel Dad" Over Anti-Sanctuary Initiative

Los Angeles Council member Gil Cedillo, far left, speaks following an announcement on the fate of Temporary Protected Status for nationals of El Salvador, in Los Angeles, Monday Jan. 8, 2018. The Trump administration said Monday it is ending special protections for Salvadoran immigrants, an action that could force nearly 200,000 to leave the U.S. by September 2019 or face deportation. El Salvador is the fourth country whose citizens have lost Temporary Protected Status under President Donald Trump. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

Don Rosenberg’s been an anti-illegal immigration activist since his son, Drew, was killed by an illegal alien in San Francisco in 2010. After California’s Sanctuary State laws were passed last year he sprung into action, and filed a ballot initiative that would nullify those laws and require that state and local officials comply with federal immigration authorities.


Of course, once the initiative was filed and cleared to gather signatures, the mainstream media only focus on one portion of the initiative – the portion where the state would be forced to stop issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens, and the drivers licenses previously issued would be canceled upon expiration.

That provision didn’t sit well with LA City Councilman Gil Cedillo, whose political career is focused on normalizing illegal immigration. He went so far as to threaten Rosenberg in an email to KTLA (emphasis added):

“The loss of Don Rosenberg’s son is unfortunate, but we cannot blame an entire class of motorists for it,” Cedillo said in an emailed statement. “California is a leader for immigrant protections, as is evidence by the numerous laws we’ve enacted and the lawsuits filed against ICE. We must stop politicizing immigration issues for political gain, like we have done with DACA, DAPA and the separation of families.”

The councilman added, “It is Mr. Rosenberg’s right to collect signatures for this initiative, but I advise him not to poke the hornet’s nest.”

Not to poke the hornet’s nest?

Rosenberg provided the following statement exclusively to RedState (emphasis added):

“It would comical to hear Gil Cedillo state we must stop politicizing immigration issues for political gain had he not been the worst offender his entire life.

As has happened so often in his career, he doesn’t know the facts but is willing to lie to get his way. The 2015 Stanford study he references does say what he claims. However, the actual numbers say just the opposite. His claim of improved traffic safety has resulted in an increase in traffic fatalities by 16 percent. The 10 percent cited in the article calculated motor vehicle deaths from 2015. The proper calculation looks at the fatalities at the end of 2014 before AB 60 began, not 2015. That calculation ignores the 9.4 percent increase in the first year of AB 60 licenses. In bodies that is over 1250 additional deaths. (Source: National Safety Council)


“It was the same Stanford study that claimed that hit and run accidents dropped after AB 60 became law. Their claim was a 7 percent drop resulting in 4,000 fewer hit and runs. However, the actual counts from the California Office of Traffic Safety showed that hit and runs increased by 11,654 or 13.8 percent. Through 2016 (from 2014) hit and runs increased by 26,136, or 26.4 percent.

“Cedillo has made it clear where we stand in the fight for immigrant/human rights. Unfortunately, we are talking about illegal aliens, not immigrants. While they do have human rights, the right to illegally enter the country and remain here is not one of them.

“He is wrong when he says that California is a leader for immigrant protections. Immigrants are one of the groups most negatively impacted by illegal immigration, and with SB 54 we’ve doubled down to even protect those here illegally who then commit additional crimes.

“His concern about separating families only applies to those here illegally. The only reason he says the death of my son is unfortunate is because it interferes with his “career goals.” Gil, how many deaths are acceptable, so you can keep getting elected?

“We can certainly blame an entire class of motorists, because none of them have a right to be here. Xavier Becerra is insistent that all cities must follow California law, but when most of the cities in California didn’t and still don’t follow our driving license laws as it pertains to unlicensed drivers (i.e., mostly illegal aliens) he and Cedillo are silent.

“It was the refusal of San Francisco to enforce the driving license law in 2010 that was directly responsible for my son’s death. Gavin Newsom, George Gascon and Kamala Harris ignored the law and allowed illegal aliens to drive without licenses because it was politically expedient for their careers. Cedillo sponsored AB30, which forbid cars of unlicensed drivers (but only if they were here illegally) to be impounded when they were caught at sobriety/license checkpoints.


“Had there not been millions of illegal aliens in California the laws wouldn’t have been ignored and Cedillo would not have sponsored AB30. So yes, Gil, I can and do blame the entire “class” of illegal aliens, motorists or not.”


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