Hey, Jerry Brown - This Little Girl's Blood Is on Your Hands

It took Angela and Jesus Aguilar eight years to conceive their daughter, Grace. After saving up for in vitro, they joyfully welcomed their “angel.” By the time she was six years old, she was known throughout the neighborhood as “Gracie” and had a reputation for being friendly and a sweet, obedient girl.


Her neighbor Paul Nguyen said every morning she yelled, “Hi, Paul!” across the street to him. The Aguilars say Grace “loved nature, loved God, and considered her parents her heroes.”

On a typically gorgeous Southern California Saturday afternoon Grace and her cousin were playing in the front yard of her family’s Fullerton home when Maximino Delgado Lagunas drunkenly drove his 1990 Toyota 4-Runner onto the sidewalk, plowing into Grace as her cousin stood nearby. Lagunas then kept driving, attempting to get away, before crashing into another car.

Emergency crews rushed Grace to the hospital, where she died shortly after arrival.

Lagunas, whose blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit, is an illegal alien who has been deported twice and is a repeat DUI offender. When he was arrested for a DUI in neighboring Buena Park in 2015, authorities didn’t honor a detainer request, “instead placing him on informal probation and releasing him to the streets.”

He is one of the “hardworking immigrants” Kevin de Leon, Xavier Becerra, and Jerry Brown were talking about earlier this week, a drunkard who committed federal crimes by re-entering the country post deportation, and whose rights are apparently more valuable to California’s rogue politicians than Grace’s, or Angela’s, or Jesus’s.


After Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Tuesday that the government had filed suit against California over its law prohibiting state and local law enforcement officers from cooperating with ICE, the state’s officials doubled down on their rhetoric. Gov. Brown claimed Trump was initiating a “reign of terror” in the state. Due to the Democrat supermajority’s continued refusal to prioritize the state’s citizens, the grassroots Fight Sanctuary State group (which was founded by parents whose children were killed by illegal aliens) released a statement announcing that further action will be necessary:

We know that even while this lawsuit is pending these heartless politicians will be back at the drawing board looking for ways to prioritize criminal illegal aliens over our families and children. That is why we believe it’s necessary that the California Constitution be amended so our leaders can never again trample over the hopes and dreams of California’s families. Our proposal to do just that will be unveiled in the coming days.

Meanwhile, the Aguilars are coping with the devastating loss of their daughter. Angela said:

“I don’t know how he didn’t think about other people, or be more responsible for what he was doing. How could he be so careless?”


Jesus wants to make sure there is justice for his daughter.

“I would like this man to pay for what he did. He took away from me the best thing I had in life.”

Delgado signed what’s known as a Watson Advisement after his 2015 DUI conviction, informing him that if he drove drunk in the future and killed someone he could be charged with second degree murder. Orange County officials charged him with that offense Feb. 21, and he’s being held on a $2 million bond.

Angela is left only with memories of her daughter, including her laugh. “She had this beautiful laugh. I still hear it in my head every day.”



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