Fact Check: Did Jerry Brown Just Ban CA Teachers From Shooting Back During an Attack?

Over the weekend a few “news sites” posted stories claiming that fresh off the school shooting in Florida idiot California Gov. Jerry Brown “banned teachers from shooting back at school shooters” or that he signed a bill “ensuring teachers can’t shoot back during an attack.” At this point it’s safe to assume there’s no proposed law so idiotic that Jerry Brown wouldn’t sign it, but I follow California politics pretty closely and hadn’t heard anything about this happening (especially on the weekend of the California Democratic Party convention).


The opening paragraph to one story:

While the nation was looking at Florida, Gov. Jerry Brown took the opportunity to sneak a bill through which bans Californian teachers from fighting back to defend themselves and their students if they come under fire at school.

It’s outrageous! But is it true?

Well, partially. No, Jerry Brown didn’t “ban Californian teachers from fighting back…if they come under fire.”

What did he do? And when?

The articles all refer to AB-424, a bill Brown signed in October 2017 bwhich took away local school districts’ authority to allow concealed carry permit holders to exercise their Second Amendment rights in a school zone. Asm. Kevin McCarty (not to be confused with Rep. Kevin McCarthy), the bill’s sponsor, said it “closed a loophole” in SB-707, a 2015 bill banning concealed carry permit holders from carrying on campus unless special written permission was granted by a local school district. Retired peace officers are exempted from both bans.

By 2017 five California districts had voted to allow concealed carry permit holders to exercise their rights on campus, effectively allowing teachers who wished to, to be armed at school.

McCarty, who flat-out despises the Second Amendment and sponsors multiple anti-gun bills every session, was not very happy with those local decisions. (But if you ask him about sanctuary cities, well, you’d likely get a different answer about his thoughts on local control.) So, he sponsored AB-424 to take away that one tiny bit of local control that remained. It was signed in October, 2017 by Gov. Brown after the Democrat supermajority rammed it through the legislature.


So, yes, the overall gist of the articles is correct, but the timing is incorrect. California’s teachers can’t shoot back if they can’t have a gun with them in the classroom.

(Firearms Policy Coalition, whose President, Brandon Combs, gave RedState an exclusive two-part interview over the weekend, filed a federal court challenge to SB-707. The case, captioned Gallinger v. Becerra, is currently pending before the 9th Circuit.)

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