WATCH Dana Loesch at CPAC: 'FBI Dropped the Ball'

The day after facing an angry crowd at a CNN Town Hall in Florida, Dana Loesch appeared in a much more friendly venue – CPAC 2018.


She continued the theme she started Wednesday night in Florida, taking federal and state law enforcement to task for dropping the ball after multiple people saw something and said something.

I think it was insane that I was the hardest questioner on the Broward County Sheriff last night. How is that possible? Washington Navy Yard. Garland, Texas. Fort Hood. Charleston. Boston. San Bernardino. Orlando. Parkland.

Do you know what all of these mass tragedy incidents involved? FBI dropped the ball. They dropped the ball.

We’re all getting a little tired of hearing, “The FBI was aware of the suspect” the day after a mass tragedy incident. Get it together.


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