Would Kevin De Leon Rather Have California Women Raped Than Illegal Alien Criminals Deported?

That’s the contention of an anti-sanctuary state group, Fight Sanctuary State, after an illegal alien criminal was charged with four counts of rape Monday.


Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez drove for Uber and his targets were young intoxicated females who were leaving parties. He’d take them home then return hours later to rape and rob them. He was able to get a contract with Uber because he had a valid California driver’s license, issued in 2015. On January 1, 2015, California began issuing driver’s licenses to people who didn’t have documentation to prove they were in the country legally, courtesy of AB-60, a bill Kevin De Leon co-sponsored.

The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney hasn’t said definitively that Alarcon-Nunez’s license was an AB-60 license, but if it wasn’t, then Alarcon-Nunez used fake papers to obtain a license. Since an AB-60 license would have been the path with the least obstacles, it would seem likely that’s the type of license he had.

In addition, Alarcon-Nunez had already been deported from the country once, in 2005.

Grassroots groups in California are incensed that the state’s leadership favors illegal alien criminals over law-abiding citizens. Fight Sanctuary State’s Don Rosenberg, whose son Drew was killed by an illegal alien, said:

“How many people have to suffer from crimes committed by illegal aliens before we get serious about getting them out of the country, keeping them out of the country, and severely punishing companies that hire them?”

Maybe if one of these girls was Kevin De León’s daughter he would think twice about protecting criminal illegal aliens.”


De Leon and his allies Jerry Brown, Kamala Harris, and the wacky mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf, try to argue that “undocumented immigrants” are simply peaceful people, looking for a better life. That is true for some of them, but the public safety risk they pose is undeniable.

That same year, [2014], the U.S. Sentencing Commission found that 75 percent of all criminal defendants who were convicted and sentenced for federal drug offenses were illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants were also involved in 17 percent of all drug trafficking sentences and one third of all federal prison sentences.

According to the FBI, 67,642 murders were committed in the U.S. from 2005 through 2008, and 115,717 from 2003 through 2009. The General Accounting Office documents that criminal immigrants committed 25,064 of these murders.

To extrapolate out these statistics, this means that a population of just over 3.5 percent residing in the U.S. unlawfully committed 22 percent to 37 percent of all murders in the nation. This is astounding.

In states with the highest illegal alien populations, it’s even worse.

In California, there are just over 92 illegal immigrants imprisoned for every 100,000 illegals as compared to 74 citizens and legal non-citizen immigrants.

The cost of jailing illegal alien criminals is astronomical.

According to research and statistics by the U.S. Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, U.S. taxpayers are footing an annual bill of nearly $19 million a day to house and care for an estimated 300,000 to 450,000 convicted criminal immigrants who are eligible for deportation and are currently residing in local jails and state and federal prisons across the country.


The cost of jailing them pales in comparison, though, to the cost to all of us of the loss of children whose lives were cut short by the crimes of illegal alien criminals. Don Rosenberg has fought against California’s handouts to illegal aliens since his son’s death, and in an interview with RedState admits that it’s emotionally exhausting sometimes, especially at times when he’s the only one standing up against insane proposed laws. He was the only person – ONLY PERSON – who testified in opposition to AB-60, the illegal alien driver’s license bill, when it was in committee.

Rosenberg has formed Fight Sanctuary State with other parents whose children were killed by illegal aliens, in an attempt to repeal California’s sanctuary state laws. He made a great point that the Democrats should think about. “When they argue for gun control, they say, ‘If only one life is saved, it’s worth it.’ Yet when they talk about illegal aliens, they ignore the thousands of lives that could be saved.”


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