"One Family, Whole Again" - a Christmas Miracle Caught on Video

(UPDATE: GoFundMe link is posted.)

For so many families, the joy of Christmas is dampened by family fights or division and the pressure to choose sides. Sometimes it seems like miracles of redemption, love, and forgiveness aren’t seen in real life anymore, but exist only in movies.


This year, in Ohio, on December 23rd, as one family gathered they witnessed what can happen when two people humble themselves and believe in family, love, and commitment.

By Sunday morning the video had been watched over 300,000 times, and Jeffrey chimed back in:

In response to a tweet congratulating his parents and wondering if the video will go viral (which we’re trying to help with), Jeffrey replied that if it did he’d start a GoFundMe for their wedding, because “we’re a broke family, but they deserve something extra.” Jeffrey, start the GoFundMe and we’ll link it here. UPDATE: Jeffrey did start a GoFundMe – you can donate to help his folks here.


What an example Jeffrey has of commitment, love, forgiveness, and redemption – an example that is sure to bless his life and generations to come.


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