CA Assemblyman Puts Gavin Newsom on Blast for Politicizing Tragedy

On Tuesday four people were killed in a small northern California town, Rancho Tehama, when a man who was legally barred from possessing a firearm went on a multi-site rampage before being killed by police. One of the sites was an elementary school, at which one child was shot and others injured by flying debris. Police believe the shooter, Kevin Janson Neal, killed his wife Monday night and stashed her body under the floorboards of their home before starting his rampage Tuesday morning.


Gavin Newsom, who is serving as acting Governor at the moment, wasted no time in pointing fingers or politicizing the tragedy.

When Vice President Pence sent a message of support and commended the work of law enforcement officers, who put their lives on the line to bring this monster down, Gavin used that as an opportunity to shame and virtue signal.

Even when issuing a proclamation to have flags flown at half-staff, he just couldn’t leave politics out of it.

California voters and politicians have come to expect such heartless rhetoric from Newsom. This time, it hit too close to home for Asm. James Gallagher, who represents the area. His video response to Newsom is emotional but hits on every single point Newsom and his gun control fanbois should consider.

Everything about Gallagher’s address is masterful. Here is the entire text:

Dear Acting Governor Newsom:

I want to say thank you for your heartfelt condolences for the victims of this violent rampage that was carried out against my constituents in the community of Rancho Tehama. As you can imagine, this has been a tough couple of days for us. Our north state community is still reeling from this senseless act and is anxious for all of the facts to come out.


What is not appreciated is using our tragedy for your own personal political agenda. While you point the finger at Congress, perhaps you might ask yourself whether California’s policies that you support played a role in this tragedy?

Your disastrous prison realignment scheme, for instance, has dumped tens of thousands of criminals into our local county jails and onto our streets. Our jail is full, and our law enforcement resources are overtaxed.

The fact that you are hamstringing local law enforcement has nothing to do with Congress. We can all agree that this monster had no business possessing firearms. Even his own family has said so. But where was your Department of Justice?

The state APPS program is designed for California DOJ officers to remove all firearms from dangerous persons who have either a felony, restraining order, or mental illness. This guy had a restraining order and was reportedly shooting off guns all the time. He was clearly mentally ill. Did the DOJ do its due diligence?

Maybe you should also ask yourself why California has chosen to make our schools the ultimate soft target? Laws that you support have taken away the ability for trained individuals to concealed carry on campus. Why didn’t this madman respect that in California, our schools are gun-free zones? Maybe he didn’t see the sign as he was ramming down the school gate.

As you travel around California campaigning, protected by armed guards, does it ever cross your mind that our children deserve the same protection?


While you veil your agenda with concern for a town you’ve never heard of, let alone visited, maybe you should consider that in your own city of San Francisco young women are gunned down on the pier by illegal immigrant felons, fully protected by a sanctuary city policy that you have now made statewide.

In other words, acting Governor Gavin, maybe it’s not the guns or Congress. Maybe it’s your policies.

Again, I thank you for your condolences. We will all feel safer when we truly put the public safety ahead of political posturing.

It’s safe to say that Gavin Newsom won’t be able to sit comfortably for quite some time after that spanking.


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