Suddenly Kathy Griffin Isn't So Annoying

Suddenly Kathy Griffin Isn't So Annoying
Comedian Kathy Griffin, right, speaks along with her attorney Lisa Bloom during a news conference, Friday, June 2, 2017, in Los Angeles to discuss the backlash since Griffin released a photo and video of her displaying a likeness of President Donald Trump's severed head. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Kathy Griffin, the gravel-voiced comedian whose tasteless “Headless Trump” photo caused controversy earlier this year, publicly excoriated her former attorney – and daughter of Gloria Allred – Lisa Bloom Sunday.

It started with a tweet:

Later, Griffin gave an interview to the Daily Beast, in which she claimed Bloom:

  • Charged $40,000 for two days’ representation
  • Hired another attorney – who would bill Griffin separately – before ever meeting with her
  • Mishandled the June 2 press conference and made Griffin’s situation worse
  • Used Griffin’s press conference to pimp
  • Physically prevented (through her bodyguards) Griffin’s long-time personal attorney and her boyfriend from attending the presser
  • Provided inadequate security at the presser, at which a Gateway Pundit reporter approached Griffin and frightened her
  • Tried to force her to go on a joint media “victim” tour
  • Lied to her about media requests (claiming she couldn’t do interviews alone, that the networks were requiring Bloom to be on the air as well.)
  • Badgered Griffin and her boyfriend for weeks by phone after Griffin pulled the plug on a Good Morning America appearance and press tour.

In addition, Griffin says that on a post-mortem conference call with her entertainment attorney, her First Amendment attorney, Bloom, and Bloom’s hubby, Bloom attempted to pull the “feminist” card on her and guilt her into defending Bloom’s strategy.

“Lisa said, ‘Kathy, I don’t like it that you’re the only other woman on this call and you’re not speaking up for me,’” Griffin recounted. “And I’m like, ‘Are you f***ing kidding me? After everything I’ve been through, you’re gonna try to play the f***ing feminist card with me?… Are you f***ing nuts? It doesn’t work that way. I don’t have your back on this one at all.’”

Bloom’s “strategy” was to parade Griffin – who was being investigated by the Secret Service – around the country doing joint media appearances, probably with swag everywhere. The only other person on the call who agreed with Bloom’s strategy was her husband/law firm manager. Gee, I wonder why? I disagree with Griffin on almost everything, but it would seem pretty obvious that after the press conference it was time to lay low and not add to the damage.

During the call, Griffin said Bloom “’became obviously extremely volatile. She’s too f***ing hotheaded to be an attorney. That’s the last thing you want in an attorney, and she and her husband were really badgering me’ about flying to New York and going on GMA.'”

The comedian believes Bloom represented her for selfish motives, and not to look out for Griffin’s best interests. Of the press conference, she says:

“I didn’t know I was going to her office, and that I would be under a f***ing banner that said ‘,’ and that she would hand me a coffee cup that said ‘’ It was one of the worst days of my life.

“[Immediately after the press conference] Lisa’s husband was physically holding the door closed, so we were in there, and Lisa was outside doing interviews in the hallway fame-whoring which we didn’t know at the time.”

From her hotel room in Australia, Griffin went on Facebook Live to talk about the treatment of women in Hollywood, saying she needed to “blow the lid off of fake feminism” and dissed Bloom. (Warning: Language NSFW)

If Griffin’s descriptions are to be believed (and due to Bloom’s recent behavior and my own personal experiences, I believe they are), Bloom is more of a bullying publicity-whore diva than 99 percent of Hollywood.

In an email to the Daily Beast, Bloom denies any bad behavior and blames the press conference fiasco on Griffin. She also says she never badgers clients, that she simply presents options, and that she never shouted at Griffin. In my own personal experience in this area, where I consulted with attorneys (full disclosure – Gloria Allred was one of them) I know that attorneys do, indeed, pressure, badger, and yell at women in sexual harassment cases when the women don’t want to go along with the media circus the attorneys wish to create.

In addition, Bloom’s recent passionate defense of Harvey Weinstein, where her statements about his behavior were completely at odds with anything she’s said on the subject of sexual harassment in the past, showed her true colors: anything for money or publicity. Bloom’s subsequent “dismissal” of Weinstein and switcheroo back to victim’s attorney bears that out. Griffin’s descriptions of Bloom’s behavior are consistent with Bloom’s recent actions.

Kathy Griffin’s humor is not my cup of tea at all. But no one should be treated the way she was by Bloom, who had zero regard for her client’s position and, in fact, harmed her client in a quest for fame and fortune.

You’ve done it, Lisa Bloom. You’ve made me have sympathy for Kathy Griffin.

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