A Picture Says More Than a Thousand Words About CA Politician's Hypocrisy [VIDEO]

This guy – California Assemblymember Evan Low. Noted Second Amendment…uh, supporter.

It takes some big cajones – or maybe just a Clintonesque level of self-deception – to post that (with a GUN emoji, no less!) after his comments to NRA lobbyist Dan Reid during a hearing last year.

After confirming the lobbyist’s name, Low said:

Less than 72 hours ago 49 people were slain in Orlando, and it’s very difficult for me to sit here and look at you in the eyes and have respect for you, sir, Dan, because – not only because of lives that have been cut because of your organization, mothers and fathers, but many lives have been shattered by it.

Low then said he had a question for Reid on behalf of the people who couldn’t be there today because they were murdered – but had to call him a murderer first.

Of course, the reason they were murdered was because of basically your organization, which has vigorously lobbied to allow for these things to occur and to acquire weapons.

It’s a shame the gun range owner didn’t turn you away. When you were there, did you ask any of your fellow shooters how the laws you’ve sponsored and lobbied for have affected their lives?

But if we’re going to use your logic, sir, Evan, do you feel any shame or responsibility for the people who were murdered by illegal immigrants? You are one of the leading voices in the effort to make California a “sanctuary state.” I’m asking on behalf of Kate Steinle, who couldn’t be here today because she was murdered by an illegal immigrant who was released from a San Francisco jail without a detainer being honored.


And, sir, Evan, I have a question on behalf of Officer Keith Boyer, who couldn’t be here today because he was murdered by a criminal who was given early release from jail due to realignment policies you support. How do you feel these “reforms” are helping Californians?

But, back to your gleeful Facebook post.


How do you still have a gun emoji on your phone? I thought those were outlawed?


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