Elizabeth Warren's Week: She's Now a Subservient Wife and Wall Street Shill

A picture says a thousand words – and the message Elizabeth Warren sent when she tweeted a picture of her standing with the “Fearless Girl” statue in NYC’s Financial District Tuesday is probably not the one she intended.


Let’s pick this apart, shall we?

First, the “Fight like a girl” slogan. It’s patronizing – and not because doing anything like a girl is bad. It shows that she thinks she can throw a few slogans out there and her fan base will salivate like Pavlov’s dogs and buy her book.

What’s especially humorous is that Sarah Palin is butthurt about Warren’s use of the slogan, claiming ownership of it. Well, there are also multiple songs and books titled “Fight Like a Girl,” and the phrase is plastered all over products raising awareness/funds for breast cancer research.

Next, just like most of the rallies that Warren supporters take part in, the statue is a corporate-sponsored PR piece, funded by an eeevil Wall Street company. Senator, I thought you told us how Wall Street and its greedy brokers and firms are harming the country?

Regulators all meet with Goldman Sachs executives and employees day after day after day. They don’t see the people who get tricked, the people who get cheated, the people who get fooled by the products that Goldman turns out.

And how they need to be held accountable?

We need to hold Wall Street accountable for issuing the kinds of deceptive loans that nearly brought our economy to its knees in 2008.

So why are you grinning next to this statue instead of slamming its placement by State Street Global Advisors? Oooh, yes. They’re a Massachusetts-based firm. As a total coincidence, Warren was “a top recipient of employee political donations in 2012.”


Also, it was reported Friday Warren, in her new book (the one where the cover photo shows her standing in the same pose as the Fearless Girl statue), admitted that a big reason she didn’t run for POTUS in 2016 was… because her husband advised her not to.

She let a man stand in the way of her becoming the first female “Native American” President? She let a man put her in her place? Stunning.

There’s nothing wrong at all with consulting with one’s spouse before deciding to undertake such a massive career move. But for an “I’m With Her” feminist such as Warren, it’s quite a subservient position to take.

#ShePersisted. Until a man said no. Score one for the Patriarchy!


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