Cleveland Radio Host's Must-Read Rant in the Wake of the Facebook Live Murder

When a “sick, narcissistic bastard” executed a man on Facebook Live on Easter Sunday, Darvio “The Kingpin” Morrow, a Cleveland-based radio host, was horrified to realize he was only minutes away from the location of the shooting and worried about family who live in the immediate vicinity.


Monday night, when the killer was still on the loose but some of the adrenaline of Sunday had subsided, Morrow penned a “stream of consciousness” post about the killing, Cleveland, his family, society, and culture on his personal Facebook page that deserves to be heard on a wider scale – and with his permission I’m posting it here.

Might be some rambles, cursing…and overall frustration ‘cause I’m trying to make sense out of all of this.

1.Sunday was an extremely disturbing day. I was literally 15 minutes away from where the shooting occurred at the time that it happened. I have family that live RIGHT OVER THERE. Getting phone calls and text messages and Facebook messages from people in and out of town wanting to make sure that my family and I were alive and ok is a feeling that I’ll probably never get over.

2.I love my city. I really do. Cleveland is in my heart, it’s in my soul, it is in the blood that runs through my veins. It hurt my soul that this bastard has put us in the news for yet another horrific tragedy. If you’re not from here, you can’t really understand the impact of constant negative publicity can have on the collective psyche of a city. Especially a place that has been tortured with years and years and years of (unfair, in many cases) media coverage from an arrogant, entitled, elitist national media with a built in bias towards New York and LA and looks down upon everybody else.

But local media, you’re not off the hook.


3….I rarely openly complain about the media. A, because I know how difficult it is to do this job and B, it always seems whiny to me….But the fact that it was over an hour (nearly two) before a single station broke into regular programming to cover the fact that there was a mad man running around our city who had just murdered someone randomly in cold blood is disgraceful. It is absolutely disgraceful. I get that networks have processes and so on, but there is no excuse. CNN broke the news about what was going on in Cleveland before the Cleveland media did. That is a disgrace.

Mental health is a huge issue regarding gun violence, and also, Morrow believes, in the urban community and in the church.

4.Yes, there is a conversation about mental health that needs to be had in the urban community, particularly the black community. There is still a stigma in our culture about reaching out for help. I believe part of that is a result of a (justifiable, in some cases) general distrust of outsiders and also because of our cultural view that it makes you weak or unfaithful to God if you admit that you can’t handle everything on your own. But God put many of these people and processes…in our lives to help us….You’re not going to hell if you need to see a counselor.

But the victimhood mentality is not welcome.

5. On the other hand, that is NOT an excuse. The man he killed was not the source of his problems. And regardless of what his mother may have done to him or what his girlfriend may have put him through, NEITHER ONE OF THEM PULLED THE TRIGGER. At some point there has to be accountability for your actions.


Forgive, Morrow says, but actions still have consequences.

6.I understand people who say that he needs help and he needs prayer. I get that. And I respect that the family of the victim forgave him for his actions. As they should. But forgiveness does not necessarily mean that there are no consequences for your actions. In the Bible, King David went after another man’s wife, took that man’s wife and impregnated her, AND set up that man to be killed. (That’s adultery and murder for those keeping count at home). King David was remorseful and God forgave him, BUT he still suffered the consequences of his actions. Forgiveness is to cleanse the heart moving forward; it’s not a “Get out of Jail Free” card.

7…I also think that there is a segment of our population who are soft….I mean soft as in “I lose my sh– if everything in my life isn’t the way that I planned it out to be.” The truth is, life sucks sometimes. My grandmother was born in the depression, [was a single mom of two and never made more than $13,000 a year]. And she fought for everything. Everything. Day in and day out. Week in and week out. My mother has told me stories of my grandmother being so debilitated by migraines that she could barely move, but she went to work and took care of two kids. Sometimes you don’t get the cards dealt to you that you should’ve. Sometimes you get a raw deal. Sometimes life sucks. Not everything is going to go your way. And a part of me feels that this generation’s warped understanding of what “self esteem” is has a lot of people trippin out here.


Enough with the First World Problems!

8.I refused to watch the murder video, but I did watch the dude’s manifesto. And every single thing that came out of his mouth was the epitome of “First World Problems.” Stop. Being. A. Bitch. And I don’t mean bitch as how some use it….I mean bitch as in blaming everybody else for your problems, absolving yourself from any piece of responsibility at all. This soft a**, weak ** man took one of our patriarchs out because he’s a bitch….I feel sympathy for someone whose entire support system collapsed around them, but that sympathy goes away when you take another person’s life. ESPECIALLY one of our seniors….who went through so much hell for you to even have the ability to sit your a** on Facebook live and bitch about what’s wrong with your life on your smartphone, in your new car. Forgive me if you don’t think I’m being sensitive enough but I am so so so so so sick of this attitude that everything in life is supposed to go your way. The world has created a bunch of narcissists.

This didn’t happen because of “masculinity”!

9.I see people who also want to use this as a way to attack “traditional” views on masculinity. I’m sorry, that’s bulls***. He didn’t kill people because he had a traditional view of masculinity; he killed people because he’s a sick, narcissistic bastard.

Stop politicizing EVERYTHING.

10. Finally, anybody who is using this tragedy to make a political point or say it’s a conspiracy, I really really….strongly dislike you right now. Saying that it was a false flag is disrespectful to the family of the man that lost his life. Stop it, you idiots. And on the political front, Tariq Nasheed (who decided that it was a perfect time to say that white people were going to use the tragedy as an excuse to start shooting random black people) and (fake a**) “Sheriff” David Clarke (who decided that it was a perfect time to blame Black Lives Matter for some strange reason), BOTH of y’all can kick rocks. Please. Go kick rocks. Kick rocks until your toes fall off. Miss me with that idiocy. Sick of it. Dooooooone! ???
/End Rant


More like, mic drop.


(Darvio’s original post has been edited for length. Emphasis added.)


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