Twitter Users Urge Cleveland Shooter to Kill Trump and His Supporters. Does @Support Care?

Steve Stephens, the Cleveland shooter, is the subject of an intense manhunt after he executed Robert Godwin on Facebook Live on Easter Sunday. Instead of showing empathy or any kind of humane reaction, some Twitter users are urging Stephens to shoot President Trump or his supporters.


And Twitter’s reaction?


Essentially, @support is saying “idc” (“I don’t care,” if you don’t follow acronyms) to complaints about these death wishes aimed at conservatives and, uh, the President of the United States!

Conservatives are regularly suspended for days without explanation, yet at least three accounts that tweeted hate speech are still live – and the content is still there. One user is even laughing at the reaction.

Here he retweets the reactions:

This user was okay with Stephens just targeting Trump supporters – and his tweet and account are still active 18 hours later:

… and he’s seemingly unbothered by the horrific murder of a grandfather:


Another user deleted his tweet, yet his account is still live:

If you’re at all conservative, don’t try tweeting anything at all negative about liberal icons and their followers – heck, don’t even get in a Twitter debate with a liberal. They’ll report you for “threatening speech” in a heartbeat and your Twitter account will be gone.

Just stick with wishing death on elected officials, and you’re good.

Let’s remember, though, the victim, Robert Godwin, and hope that the monster who killed him is brought to justice soon:


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