SEIU Protesters are Given a Lesson in Class by a Congressman's Wife

Throughout February, California Rep. Steve Knight’s offices have been targeted by protesters demanding he listen to their “concerns” about repealing Obamacare and hold a town hall meeting so they can rant and make a spectacle. A few nights ago they took it up a notch, deciding to protest at his home.


SEIU vans brought the protesters and their signs and props to the neighborhood, including a fake coffin to to signify how his votes were “killing” them.

One slight problem. They weren’t at the right home or in the right neighborhood – the Knights moved a few months ago. The residents told the protesters this, as did police who came to the scene, but the protest leaders said, “Meh!” and continued disrupting the families.

Rep. Knight’s wife, Lily, was upset that her former neighbors were having their family time disrupted by the rent-a-mob, so she went live on Facebook to apologize.

Mrs. Knight showed the class and empathy for working families that the SEIU *claims* but fails to demonstrate.



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