Pence's CPAC Speech is a Warning to Congress About Obamacare

Vice President Mike Pence took the stage at CPAC to loud chants of “USA! USA!” and used the opportunity to put GOP leadership on notice.

First, he gave a list of Trump’s accomplishments to date:


“He’s rebuilding the military and putting our enemies on notice. He’s supporting law enforcement and ending illegal immigration once and for all. He’s rolling back big government and slashing red tape. He’s upholding the constitution, restoring the culture of life.”

Then he dropped the hammer:

“He’s leading the fight to repeal and replace Obamacare.”

That’s a huge line drawn in the sand to the GOP Congress.  This week former Speaker John Boehner said that repeal and replace “is not going to happen,” but they would revise the law. But Pence pointedly used the term “repeal and replace,” then expanded on it.

And let me assure you, America’s Obamacare nightmare is about to end, despite the best efforts of liberal activists at town halls around the country. The American people know better. Obamacare has failed, and Obamacare must go.

Pence said the administration’s plan will be “built on freedom and individual responsibility.” A key in many GOP plans, the ability to purchase health insurance across state lines, is a part of the administration plan.


Addressing the concerns of people who were previously uninsured due to pre-existing conditions, Pence promised “an orderly transition” and said:

“We’re going to make sure that Americans with pre-existing conditions have access to health insurance….[We’ll] give states the flexibility to take care of the less fortunate in the best way that will work in that state, in that community.”

Essentially, Pence told GOP congressional leaders that if they don’t have the cajones to come up with a plan to repeal and replace, the administration will do it for them. Thank goodness.


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