Anti-Woman Celebs Post Unhinged Hate Tweets After Betsy DeVos' Confirmation

Ah, celebrities. You still haven’t learned that your temper tantrums don’t mean anything to the rest of us, and that we just don’t think you’re qualified to have an opinion on policy matters.


In other words, we’re not laughing with you. We’re laughing at you.

After Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the next Secretary of Education today, social media (along with the blood pressure of liberals) exploded with angry, petulant, whiny, hate-filled, mostly fact-free, venom directed at DeVos, Trump and Trump voters. Celebrities – who, unlike many Americans, have free time during the day to post screeds online – were at the forefront, hypocrisy in overdrive.

I mean, since when are MEN vilified for voting for a WOMAN?

Seth, it’s a good thing I find Ted2 hysterical and Mark Wahlberg’s hunky and not a leftist toolbag, or I’d probably never watch your stuff again.

Wait, who are you? I think I recognize you… oh, is your side gig valet parking?

Yawn. Is that the best you have, Colbert?

I assume all of Hillary’s nominees would have been people who never contributed to her campaign or to the Clinton Foundation? (I’ll wait for you to stop laughing.)


Other than Will & Grace, Eric is known for his white papers on the failings of urban schools and the enriching of teachers’ unions at the expense of poor kids. Just kidding.

Bette… since when is “enlightened” a qualification for Secretary of Education?

Oh, Patton – I’m detecting some racism in your tweet. Might want to check your privilege.

I’m really, honestly confused here, Progressives. I thought we needed more women in leadership positions? It’s kinda like a check-box, percentage thing, right?


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