President Obama's Farewell Speech: Live Stream and Open Thread

This afternoon’s story containing salacious rumors about a Donald Trump/Russia connection this afternoon stole a little bit of President Obama’s thunder going into tonight’s farewell speech, but we are all eagerly anticipating what Obama’s remarks, if any, will be about the story. What is the proper way one brings up such a topic during an event as momentous and dignified as a presidential farewell?


As the White House website notes:

Since George Washington, U.S. presidents have often delivered a final address to the American people as a way to share both their reflections on their time in office and their outlook on the future of our country.

With the nation bitterly divided after the election, this speech would be the perfect opportunity for President Obama to offer words of healing, of a belief that our institutions and way of life are enduring and not subject to the whims of one person or party for four or eight years, and show confidence in the American people.

Yes, I am an optimist at heart. Watch live here:

Will he address the skyrocketing gun violence rate in Chicago, or the politically and racially-motivated kidnapping and torture that occurred in the city just last week? Comment away.


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