How to Tick Off the Greater Part of the World's Population in One Post

How to Tick Off the Greater Part of the World's Population in One Post

Opinions? Oh yeah, we’ve got them!

Our readers usually see our political opinions, though, and since a lot of us succumbed to peer pressure (thanks, Jay Caruso!) and posted our “10 Most Unpopular Non-Political Opinions” on Facebook, we thought we’d share them with you here – so you can decide which RedState writer has the most terrible, wrongheaded opinions ever.

I knew that mine would ruffle some feathers, but boy, did I underestimate just how unpopular some of my opinions were. I was forced to woo my friends back with promises of fresh-baked snickerdoodles. The opinions were so horrible that one friend suggested the title should instead be “How to Tick Off the Greater Part of the World’s Population in One Post.”

(Psst: You can follow the writers’ Facebook pages, if you don’t hate them after reading their opinions.)

We’ll start with Caleb Howe – who doesn’t like Love, Actually!

Then we have mine... my opinions on cats, beer, and Harry Potter have led people to call me “evil.”

Andrea Ruth, who clearly needs different vegetables in her life:

Jim Jamitis, who’s got the beer thing nailed:

Kimberly Ross… who I could totally not shop with:

Mickey White, my fellow South Park aficionado:

Joe Cunningham… Mighty Ducks 3??

Jay Caruso (the instigator) – breaking my heart with the Adam Sandler hate.

Susan Wright… I need to take you shoe shopping, girl.

Well, what do you think? We’re sure you’ll let us know! Over sushi. And with an IPA. In Manhattan. While watching Love, Actually.

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