Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo Joins Long Line of California Democrats Arrested for a DUI

Asm. Wendy Carrillo with Children's Hospital of Los Angeles Administrators. (Credit: Wendy Carrillo's official Assembly site)

In another day ending in "Y," a California Democrat politician has been caught in flagrante delicto. In the wee small hours of Friday morning, District 52 Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo, who is also a candidate for Los Angeles City Council in District 14, was allegedly under the influence of alcohol when she crashed her Audi into a parked car. When you look at the video footage, you will see this is no fender bender. She plowed into the parked car, and her own ended up in the middle of the street.



She sneezed and lost track of her vehicle? Never heard that one before. Neither has District 63 Assemblyman Bill Essayli.

After being arrested and booked, Carrillo modified her story.

Assemblymember Wendy Carrillo was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence early Friday morning in a development that could scramble an already contentious Los Angeles City Council race.

Online booking records for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department show Carrillo, 43, was arrested by Los Angeles police around 1:30 a.m. and booked into jail shortly after 4 a.m.

Carrillo, in a statement, confirmed she crashed into parked vehicles before her arrest. She said no one was harmed and that she has been cooperating with law enforcement.

Carrillo is fortunate that no one was harmed. When I lived in Los Angeles, I drove down Monterey Road and through Highland Park many times. It's one of those neighborhoods where someone (or several someones) could be walking in the middle of the street, oblivious of any cars. Where a random dog, cat, or coyote could shoot across your path out of the blue, or, God forbid, someone is just sitting in their car either preparing to pull off or getting themselves together to exit their vehicle. So, it is simply deplorable that Carrillo would be so dismissive of her actions. Carrillo's blood alcohol was reportedly 0.17 percent, TWICE the legal limit. Carrillo has absolutely no excuse for driving under the influence. I know she's a California Democrat who is anti-rideshare, but taxis are still in operation. Carrillo could have called one, or phoned one of her staff members to drive her home, in order to not get behind the wheel impaired. Carrillo's statement should express extreme remorse, not justifications, in order to minimize the damage. 


After dropping the embarrassing Sneeze Defense, Carrillo issued this fauxpology:

As a public servant, I am aware that I must adhere to a higher standard that demands personal accountability for my conduct and I accept responsibility for my actions. I sincerely apologize to my family, constituents, colleagues and staff for any actions of mine that have fallen short of that expectation. I intend to seek the necessary help and support. As I do so, I remain dedicated to my family, my constituents and the community that I grew-up in and am proud to represent.

Carrillo joins a long line of Democrat California legislators (or wannabe legislators) who don't have the wherewithal to not get behind the wheel when they are too drunk to drive. We know from all the garbage legislation they churn out that they have absolutely no common sense, but this behavior reflects that they also have no brains. 

State Senator from Irvine Dave Min, whom Irvine Democrat Congresswoman Katie Porter is trying to wedge into her Congressional seat if she wins her bid for U.S. Senate (good luck with that), was arrested in May. Min blew a 0.15 and was driving a state-funded vehicle. Clarissa Cervantes, who is running for the Assembly seat in the 58th District, has been arrested, not once, but twice. Cervantes was arrested the second time a little over a month after she got the first conviction dismissed.

You cannot make this stuff up.

On Wednesday, Riverside City Councilmember Clarissa Cervantes pleaded guilty to driving under the influence, just under two months after her arrest on July 1, 2023.

That’s unfortunate enough, but this is the second time Cervantes has been convicted for driving under the influence. As SCNG’s Brian Rokos reported, “she was arrested by the California Highway Patrol at 2:20 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014, on the eastbound 60 Freeway at the Frederick Street off-ramp in Moreno Valley, about a mile from the apartment she listed on the citation as her address.”

Just 42 days before her July 1, 2023 arrest, Cervantes successfully petitioned for the dismissal of her 2015 misdemeanor DUI conviction. “Each day I carry remorse and promise to never repeat those actions,” she told the court.

So much for Cervantes’ promises.


And lest we forget, In 2014, former San Diego Senator Ben Hueso was convicted on DUI charges for driving the wrong way in Downtown Sacramento. One would think the California Democrats would all compare notes and come up with a game plan on how to prevent their members from being caught and arrested for this egregious behavior. But the rotten pattern continues because they really do think they are above the law.

They simply do not care.

So, what of Carrillo's chances of unseating her former mentor and current District 14 City Councilman Kevin De León?

That leaves open the question of what impact her arrest might have on the 43-year-old Democrat’s chances of winning in the highly contested Council District 14 race. About a dozen people have indicated interest in challenging de Leon, who is seeking reelection despite criticism over the past year for his role in a racist backroom meeting that was secretly taped and leaked to media.

As a state lawmaker, Carrillo entered the race with the benefit of name recognition. Through Sept. 30, she had raised more money than any other candidate for the 14th Council District except Assemblymember Miguel Santiago, according to the city’s ethics commission.


With the past history of California Democrats and the consequences suffered for their reckless stupidity and flagrant criminality, Carrillo has nothing to worry about. Her fellow Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia (whose seat Clarissa Cervantes wants to acquire) sexually harassed a staffer and was caught making anti-Asian slurs. All she got was a slap on the wrist, and she sailed into her final term in the Assembly without a hitch. If the fundraising keeps up, and De León doesn't have any damaging oppo against Carrillo, she is golden as a California sunrise, and she knows it better than anyone. This is why she can move from a Sneeze Defense to at least I didn't harm somebody and I'm cooperating as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.

California politics at its finest.



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