Feel-Good Friday: A Salute to a Firefighting Hero and All the Hero Fathers

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Happy Father’s Day weekend to all the dads out there! That includes those who may not have had children of their own but who were father figures to the young men and women in their lives, whether that be as a mentor, a coach, a relative, or a friend. I relate to Sen. Tim Scott’s story. Sen. Scott’s mother divorced his father when Scott was just seven years old, and he was not involved in young Tim’s life. So, his father figures were his grandfather and also a small business owner named John Moniz—a white man. My father was murdered when I was three years old, so I grew up without a father, or any representative facsimile, for the majority of my young life. In my late 20s, a white couple named Glenn and Barbara Kirkpatrick befriended me, and Glenn’s father’s heart toward me was a tremendous blessing during that time; so much so that I chose him to walk me down the aisle at my wedding.


Fathers matter, and this week’s Feel-Good Friday honors 25-year-old Xavier Dimples, who took to Twitter to honor the hero who saved his life and made it possible for Dimples to have a son of his own. That man is firefighter Jeff Ohs.

From MyModernmet.com:

We hear many hero stories about saving lives but that’s usually where the narrative ends. We may take some time to praise those who took action, but we rarely get to see the lasting effects of the hero’s deeds. That’s why it’s been enthralling to hear the story of Xavier Dimples. When he was 2 years old, his house caught fire, trapping him inside. The toddler nearly died during the conflagration; however, a brave firefighter named Jeff Ohs rescued him from the flames and resuscitated him after getting him out of the wreckage. Now, 23 years after this dramatic incident, they had a moving meetup, and the fireman got to see the happy repercussions of having saved a life that day.

Xavier Dimples eloquently shared the story of that day as he looked at pictures from 23 years ago.


When I was 2 years old my house caught on fire & I was trapped inside, I ended up dying that day & this firefighter, Jeff Ohs, saved me from that building & brought my back to life. Now 23 years later he is holding my 2 year old son. I literally wouldn’t be here without him[.]

After I was resuscitated I was in a coma for a month after that. I could never repay him for giving me a chance at life, I can only live a great life for him & my son. I owe him my life[.]

The beauty part: Ohs got to reunite with Dimples and meet Dimples’ own two-year-old son!

Yet, the highest praise came in the form of being introduced to a little someone. The fireman got to meet Dimple’s 2-year-old son—the same age the new dad was when he was saved from the fire. “Now 23 years later he is holding my 2 year old son. I literally wouldn’t be here without him.”

Firefighter Jeff Ohs seems like a really cool dude. His Twitter feed is mostly honoring first responders and other heroes, including K-9 heroes—you know I’m all about the doggos, so that ups his currency in my book. His wife, Mynda Ohs, is a licensed therapist who counsels first responders and their families, and they often work together to encourage and strengthen these everyday warriors. They are quite the power couple!


As for Ohs, he continues to be an advocate for firefighters, offering guidance on how to prevent burnout in the profession. And alongside his wife Mynda, he helps advise people in relationships with firemen—historically a high-risk profession.

Ohs responded to Dimples’ beautiful thread thusly:

Dude!!!! You are a fighter through and through. And honestly you scared the shit out of me that day. So so blessed for the outcome. Love you guys[.]

What a tremendous circle of life, and a tremendous testament to the effect men like Tim Scott’s grandfather, John Moniz, Glenn Kirkpatrick, and Jeff Ohs have on the lives of others: whether it be salvation from sure death, an insecure future, or a life devoid of knowing a father’s love.

I hope all you Dads have the most wonderful of Father’s Days. May those who love you honor you for how special and essential you are.


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