Where's Former L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti? Reduced to Flying Economy and Begging for an Indian Ambassadorship

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Ophthalmologist, scientist, and COVID whistleblower Dr. Houman David Hemmati was flying First Class from Washington, D.C. back to Los Angeles when he encountered former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti out in the wild. No security detail. No $3,000 business suit. And instead of a seat up front, Garcetti was headed to his seat… in Economy Class!


As King David lamented, how the mighty have fallen.

Garcetti is desperate to get confirmed as Ambassador to India. He’s been waiting a while, federal prying eyes are probably watching his every move, and Garcetti is no doubt minding his Ps and Qs. So, flying Economy Class like the rest of the plebes rather than dipping into his influence-peddling non-profit, the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles, or asking his parents for money to fly him First Class is now the order of his day.

Just deserts.

Garcetti was in D.C. the week of February 20 to meet with senators privately and sing for his supper. This week, Garcetti was doing more face time with senators, as the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is slated to vote on the Biden administration’s re-upped nomination for him to be Ambassador to India.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is slated to vote on the nomination of former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to be the next ambassador to India. Garcetti’s nomination has been in limbo over accusations he ignored sexual harassment and bullying by a former aide. The former mayor has denied the allegations. It is unclear if Garcetti will garner enough votes to clear the full Senate.


From Fox News:

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will put to a vote the nomination of former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to be ambassador to India after his nomination languished in the chamber for over 600 days while senators grappled with Garcetti’s possible knowledge about a sexual harassment scandal in his office.

President Biden nominated Garcetti in July 2021. After clearing his first committee hurdle, Garcetti failed to earn a full Senate vote after new revelations about a sexual harassment lawsuit involving his former top adviser came to light and Republicans and some Democrats opposed his confirmation.

The vote never even came to the Senate floor; that’s how little even the Democrat-controlled legislative body cares about this nomination. On February 28, the L.A. Times asked Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer whether Garcetti would make the cut to get a full Senate vote on this re-nomination:

Asked about Garcetti’s nomination at a news conference Tuesday afternoon, Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) said only, “We’ll have to wait and see what happens in committee.”

Not a resounding endorsement. Call this what it is: Epic Failure.

Garcetti spent most of 2022 pivoting, glancing, and dancing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and forgot he was still Mayor of Los Angeles. Actually, that could describe his entire eight-year rape of the city as he perpetually slathered after higher ambitions in between playing Chief Commandant for the Branch Covidians. In the end, his own parents were brought in to beg Garcetti be given a chance to be an ambassador. Just ignore the fact that under his watch, a once spectacular city was reduced to a haven for crime and a homeless encampment—he really, really deserves to be an ambassador!


Truly pathetic.

Biden nominated Garcetti again earlier this year, with the White House maintaining he has Biden’s full support and is “well qualified to serve in this vital role.”

Republicans have remained obstinate, including Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., who placed a hold on the nomination last month, saying Garcetti “has ignored credible sexual assault accusations in his prior office” and calling the nomination “absurd.”

Garcetti is experiencing the biblical admonition: “Be sure, your sins will find you out.” Garcetti’s sins of ignoring sexual harassment by his former advisor Rick Jacobs while Garcetti served as Mayor continues to hover over his head like a Sword of Damocles.

And many in Los Angeles are hoping it falls. From the replies to Dr. Hemmati’s tweet, there is no love lost or well wishes for Eric Garcetti.

This lasting commentary on Garcetti’s life is no doubt the reason he is anxious to disappear to a foreign country for a few years. Here’s hoping he doesn’t get that chance.




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