Feel-Good Friday: Jeremiah Fennell of 'Jeremiah One and Five' Teaches Us Life Lessons Beyond His Years

Young Jeremiah Fennell living his sports commentator dream. Composite credit: Jeremiah one and five YouTube/Front Office YouTube

This week’s Feel-Good Friday will have you grinning from ear to ear.

Jeremiah Fennell is 10 years old. He wasn’t expected to survive childbirth, so he has already beaten the odds. His mother Lorraine is a three-time stroke survivor, so her pregnancy was already a high-risk endeavor. But Lorraine is a pro-life Christian, and she was able to bear the pregnancy to term. Jeremiah was a breached birth, but he was delivered alive.


At first, the obstetrician thought he had Down Syndrome, but they discovered it was a gland in his brain that was stunting his development. He was not given a good prognosis. First, he wasn’t expected to live; now he was alive, but Lorraine was told that he probably would not live long. The doctors warned that he would have to struggle through disabilities, and initially he could not speak. His first form of communication was through American Sign Language.

But young Jeremiah defied the odds, as Lorraine told the local Las Vegas Fox 5 News.

“They said he wouldn’t walk. He runs. They said he wouldn’t talk, he won’t stop talking. These are not our children, they belong to God.”

One of young Jeremiah’s favorite scriptures is Jeremiah 1:5:

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

Jeremiah told Fox 5:

“God knew that I had a legacy and a destiny that I had to fulfill, so he wanted to keep me alive for a couple of extra years.”

After God spoke this over the prophet Jeremiah, he actually argued with God that he didn’t know how to speak because of his youth. 10-year-old Jeremiah Fennell has no such fear. He is highly articulate, charming, inquisitive, funny, and he is taking the NFL sports world by storm with his videos on Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok.


Because of the gland in Jeremiah’s brain, he cannot do any contact sports. But sports is what he loves, so he does the next best thing: sports commentary, particularly for his favorite team, the Las Vegas Raiders. Lately, young Jeremiah had the opportunity to interview some of the premier players on the team, like this sweet moment with QB Derek Carr.



Young Jeremiah comes up with some truly insightful questions and strikes an amazing balance between the sport and the distinct players. What a beautiful act, to pray the Serenity Prayer over Carr to close out the interview.

And young Jeremiah already dresses like a commentator. He’s got the sartorial action going on, with his crisp white shirt (still a bit too big for his frame) and saucy bow ties.

Jeremiah is also doing daily videos for Black History Month.


He ends these videos with,

“Remember to always be kind and respectful.”

The world would be a much better place if we took this to heart. And you can tell that he lives it. Young Jeremiah reflects kindness and compassion, as shown so beautifully in this interview with Raiders running back Josh Jacobs.



Young Jeremiah was interviewed by WNKY News out of Kentucky, and he said that he wants his interviews to be different than anyone else in the sports world. So, he makes choices to lead with personal touches and moments, rather than just sports stats.


It was this interview with wide receiver Davante Adams that launched young Jeremiah into another stratosphere. The video went viral, and Jeremiah moved from a local joy to a national sensation.


After this video exploded, young Jeremiah was invited on Fox & Friends to talk about how he scored the interview with Adams, and how he maintains his poise and polish–where reporters four times his age might lose their professionalism and composure.

From the New York Post:

Sports4free Youth media reporter Jeremiah Fennell joined “Fox & Friends” Monday to discuss his interview with the wide receiver and his work as a young sports reporter.

“When you’re very passionate with your job, you really take it seriously. So I’m always preparing for my interviews, and I’ve always tried to practice it, get it right the first time,” Fennell said.

Young Jeremiah could give lessons to his Gen Z cohorts who are lacking motivation. He already visualizes himself in the role and seeks to embody and practice those elements needed to do the role well.

The 10-year-old Raiders fan’s sideline talk, where he effortlessly recited Adams’ player stats and asked about his greatest childhood memories, was shared by the team last week in a tweet calling Fennell their “newest (and cutest) reporter.” The video has been viewed over 4 million times.


As in the above video with Raiders QB Derek Carr, young Jeremiah gives his parents all credit for shaping him into the person he wants to be.

“They definitely helped me to become the man that I am right now and the man that I will be in the future,” he said.

A woman named Monica Ahumada decided that Jeremiah and Lorraine needed to be recognized and honored for the life and joy he brings to the world. So, she wrote to the “Surprise Squad” at Fox 5 News, and they gave him some wonderful surprises.



Now, in one of the highest honors a true NFL fan can receive, young Jeremiah will get to be a part of the biggest game: Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Arizona.

Attending a Super Bowl is a lifelong dream of almost every NFL fan. Thanks to Maxx Crosby and the Las Vegas Raiders, a 10-year-old reporter will be heading to the biggest game of the year next weekend.

Jeremiah Fennell, a child reporter who attended the Pro Bowl to interview a number of NFL players, received the ultimate surprise this week. While speaking with Crosby, the Raiders defensive end revealed to the 10-year-old that he’d be heading to the Super Bowl.

Once Crosby delivered the news, Fennell gave him a big hug. It’s one of the best videos you’ll see from the Pro Bowl.


I haven’t watched the Super Bowl in years, and have no clue who is playing; but I may have to tune in just to see young Jeremiah Fennell shine like a diamond.



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