Jane Fonda's Latest Act

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As people age, some loosen their standards and sometimes become incredibly foolish. The vigilance employed when you’re young and foraging disappears as you become comfortable, complacent, and well-fed. Describes most every Hollywood celebrity to a “T,” no matter what the age.


Jane Fonda has been foolish since the early ’70s, when she began to use her famous name and recent movie star status to advocate for causes that were close to her heart pocketbook. It was protests against the Vietnam War where she famously met with the Viet Cong and was photographed posing on an NVA anti-aircraft battery. That was then, this is now. Fonda’s latest act is advocating to save the planet. Like every other Hollywood celebrity from Leonardo DiCaprio to Billie Eilish, Fonda is all over the climate emergency.

So derivative.

Now 84 years old and reportedly battling non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, what Fonda has gained in years has little to do with wisdom, dignity, or insight. She continues to be a walking contradiction of everything she claims to espouse: from fitness guru to plastic surgeries, from feminist icon to serial marriages to controlling men where she played background to their foreground. Fonda is very much like the rest of her celebrity ilk: Madonna, Bette Midler, Cher, et al. Aged, formerly talented, and desperate hacktivists clamoring for attention through weird videos, tweeted nonsense, and spouting of talking points from the usual left-wing sources or whomever their immunity-boosting smoothie drinking Goop circle thinks is relevant.

They all live in a bubble and talk out of their asses. Just like something else that emits from the hind parts, it stinks to high heaven.


Case in point, to promote the in-person revival of Fonda’s “Fire Drill Friday” protests in Washington, D.C., Fonda did the usual media rounds to discuss why she needs to sound the alarm on fossil fuels, and the bold action that needs to be taken to address climate change. Wasn’t former Vice President and climate grifter Al Gore talking about bold action 16 years ago? Asking for a friend.

Fonda dropped by MSNBC’s The Beat to spout her warped wisdom on how we can best take action on this crisis. Like stinky turds, Fonda dropped these thoughts on host Ari Melber,

“If there was no racism there would be no climate crisis.”

Really?! Racism has been around for a long time. There was a huge movement that had its apex in the ’50s and ’60s that sought to address it. So, you would think if climate change was reaching critical mass, it would have been when my people were being beaten, bombed, lynched, and had fire hoses pointed at them.

But, I digress….

As suspected, Fonda’s rhetoric is straight out of the UN playbook. Shocker. She has no original thoughts.

Like the obedient hacktress she is, she delivered her lines on cue, and with precision.


“Climate justice seeks historical accountability from nations and entities responsible for climate change and calls for a radical transformation of the contemporary systems that shape the relationship between humans and the rest of the planet. The status quo is that global and national systems distribute the suffering associated with the global ecological crisis on a racially discriminatory basis,” said Tendayi Achiume, UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, in her report to the General Assembly.

This is among one of the stupidest takes I have heard. Assigning atmosphere, temperature, and physical forces to race and supposed white supremacy is peak insanity. Fonda needs to stop reading UN talking points, and maybe lay off the Botox.

As if the racism line wasn’t weighty enough, Fonda emitted more stink bombs on the root causes of climate change.

“If there was no misogyny there would be no climate crisis. It’s part of a mindset. It’s the mindset that looks at a woman and says, Nice tits.”

Really, Jane? Fonda managed to apologize for her sins against Vietnam veterans. Has she bothered to apologize for Barbarella, where she spent the entire movie running around in variations of bathing suits, bikinis, and push-up bras while holding big weapons meant to evoke masculine sexual prowess?


Until she does, she has no ground to talk about misogyny or tits. Come to think of it, Jane Fonda has little ground to talk about anything other than her Hollywood career and her failed marriages. We would all be better off if she stuck to those subjects which serve to humanize, as well as cement a person in time. But like most in her profession, that spotlight and faulty sense of relevance are hard to resist. So, the show must go on.


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