IN MY ORBIT: Job Creators Network Alfredo Ortiz Talks Inflation, Job Creation, and Why Small Business Will Save the Country

Alfredo Ortiz Talks Making an Impact at Any Age (Credit: Jennifer Olive O'Connell)

Happy Labor Day!

Aside from the three-day weekend, this holiday gets little recognition from conservatives, because it is a paean to organized labor and its “accomplishments.” Accomplishments which have done more to harm small business and free enterprise, and has done more damage than good for the American worker.


Many conservatives are doing what the Left does well: co-opting Labor Day and changing its meaning. The conservative standard-bearer, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis shows us the way:

Finance, business analyst, and author Carol Roth speaks truth to power:

And as always, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) tells it like it is.

One organization that gives maintenance and support to the engines of our American economy is the Job Creators Network (JCN).

I had a lovely conversation with its president Alfredo Ortiz that is an appropriate Labor Day message. Ortiz and I discussed how in its 12-year-history, JCN has been fighting for small businesses, and continues to fight against the Biden administration’s policies and the havoc they are wreaking on solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, franchisers, and smaller enterprises nationwide.


We’re excited with the work that we do because we really defend and advocate for the 30 million small businesses that are out there employing about 60 million hardworking Americans. So, you know, you’re talking about 90 million people in this country that are dependent on the success or failure of small business.

And, you know, if you just think about your everyday life, I mean, over a week’s time, you probably touch a small business in some way, shape or form every single day. Whether it’s the pizza guy down the street, the dry cleaner, even a local car dealership. You know, those are all franchises, those are all local small businesses.

And so, you know, we’re excited to do the work we do, which is really advocating for those small businesses, advocating for an environment from an economic standpoint that is really conducive to their success.

It’s always encouraging to get history on how small businesses get their start, and to know that it is never too late, as Les Brown said, to set another goal or dream another dream—even with a government set on keeping you from fulfilling that dream.

On the lies and obfuscations that Biden and Congress spouted to get the Inflation Reduction Act passed, JCN released this animated billboard blasting Biden, showing his Pinocchio nose growing.

JCN Billboard Blasting Biden’s Lies on the Inflation Reduction Act. Job Creators Network (Credit: JCN)


Ortiz stated in a press release,

“The Biden administration has obviously taken small business owners and the American people for a ride—playing fast and loose with the facts at every opportunity. Despite spin from the White House press room, the economy is in the dumps, wage increases are being engulfed by high inflation, and small businesses and the middle class will be subject to tax increases that roll downhill. Administration officials are likely spinning the truth in an attempt to reverse free falling approval ratings, but small businesses won’t be duped. Now with this billboard, Biden’s growing Pinocchio nose is on display for all Americans to see.”

Ortiz talked at length about the effects of inflation on small businesses, and how the erosion to these concerns is greater than large multifaceted corporations.

And you know, the small business owners, one thing I really want to make clear to to all your listeners and viewers is that, they really get hit hard. Large businesses, they’re fine. They’re dealing with inflation ’cause they can easily take up those prices. They really do, and they will and they have, but it’s really hard for those small businesses to do that.

First of all, you know, they’re not necessarily in a position where they can just jack up prices on consumers, and expect for them to keep coming through the doors. There’s only a certain amount of price increasing that you can do before you lose customers.


A loss of consumers is loss of business revenue that can make a difference whether you make payroll and expenditures or whether you close your doors. We saw this happen during and after the pandemic, and we are seeing it more and more as American business stagnates under double-digit inflation.

High inflation and basically no growth or negative growth, that is going to be the killer for this economy, for our small businesses, and frankly, hardworking Americans across the country that are worried about their jobs are going to be worried about, you know, how do I pay for groceries.

Finally, we discussed the midterms, and how JCN’s Great Opportunity Project (GOP) is making a difference in mobilizing grassroots action, articulating a clear vision, and turning the tide of policies that harm Americans.

I think Americans are just tired of hearing, “Vote for us ’cause we don’t suck. Vote for us ’cause we’re not them.”

That’s just not enough anymore. We have to be very, very clear and articulate in our vision.

Look, say what you might think about President Trump, the one thing he was extremely good at was actually marketing, and he understood how to market and explain a vision to this country.

He did it in one simple sentence. And I know right now they’re actually using that acronym against, you know, Republicans. But Make America Great Again was a very clear vision, very clearly articulated.

That’s what he was going to do. Yeah, he didn’t even have to go into specifics. He just said that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to Make America Great Again.

We need to have that clarity in our message going into the midterms, and frankly going into 2024.

What do we actually stand for?


To discover more about Job Creators Network, the Great Opportunity Project, and how they advocate for the small businesses of America, visit their website.


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