L.A. Unified School District Teachers Learn That 'Merit' Is Racist, and Other Forms of Doubling Down on Stupid

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) must be taking cues from Governor “Hair Gel” Newsom’s playbook. They already received a slap back after a judge ruled that they exceeded their authority with the vaccine mandates, and are probably looking at shelling out some serious dollars on the lawsuits being mounted as I write.


But instead of taking the “L” and refocusing on teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic, they decided their teachers needed more CRT and antiracist training.

Doubling down on stupid; it’s the California way.

From the U.K. Daily Mail:

Los Angeles teachers are being taught that they must challenge the concepts of ‘merit’ and ‘individualism’ because they are rooted in ‘whiteness’ as part of their training into unconscious bias.

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has required all teachers and staff to complete ‘implicit/unconscious bias training’ provided by Tyrone Howard, a critical race theory (CRT) advocate and a professor of education at the University of California.

The training materials, obtained by Fox News, teaches staff that they must be ‘antiracist’ – and they achieve this by challenging ‘whiteness’ in schools.

Howard argued during the training that ‘whiteness’ exists in the concepts of ‘merit’ and ‘individualism’.

‘This idea that white is the standard, white is the norm, white is our default has to be challenged,’ Howard said in the training video obtained by Fox News.


A February article in Capitol Weekly delivered the sad news that California ranked lowest in literacy rates. Only 77 percent of adults in the state are considered mid- to highly-literate, and one in four people over 15 years old lack proper English reading and writing skills. This was compared to New Hampshire, which has a 95 percent literacy rate. Being a product of Sacramento, the publication blames underfunding, inequity, all the usual fallacies that disregard the fact that in 2020, California spent $20,000 per child, yet that child still graduates, barely able to read and write.

But what really matters to LAUSD is that they rid children of these white standards. They are embedded in everything, and teachers need to be trained and laser-focused on standards that do not accommodate those poor, colored children’s cultural environments. Roll back the clock 126 years, and they may have well been arguing the Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court decision.

Tyrone Howard, a University of California professor and Ibrahim Kendi stan is doing the instruction in the training materials, and particularly homes in on individual achievement, which is the engine of merit-based education.

Howard said in the video: ‘The idea of meritocracy, I think we have to challenge that because we have to recognize that some groups have had much more opportunities, some groups have had far more advantages, and some groups have certain types of privileges that other groups have not had.’

Meanwhile individualism, according to the handout, ‘proposes that each person is responsible for his or her outcomes.

‘It is very much tied to merit, wherein group responsibility and accountability are not goals. Personal success and achievement are the goals. This belief operates from a survival-of-the-fittest approach that stresses singular pursuit and accomplishment.’


Can’t have those poor, dark children thinking they actually can achieve anything if they work at it, now can we? If you do, that’s your inherent bias talking. Actually having them work towards achieving goals and standards, participating in healthy competition to better themselves, and being proud of their achievements? Why, that’s just racist.

So, then, what exactly will be taught? How will academic achievement be measured? What is going to replace those standards that are considered “white”?

The teachers and LAUSD staff who went through the training were also required to ‘identify the specific ways the constructs of privilege, whiteness, merit and individualism may be present in your setting’.

They were also told to ‘determine the immediate changes you will personally make, small or large, to promote increased racial and cultural sensitivity, inclusiveness and awareness in your work.’

It seems that’s for the individual teacher to decide. With this current crop that only wants to stay home and teach on Zoom rather than come to the classroom, you can bet it will be anything goes.

Between 2020 (the start of the pandemic) and 2022, California public schools lost more than 110,000 students. The racial makeup of those leaving are Whites (4.9 percent), and Blacks (3.6 percent). Isn’t it amazing that white parents are not the only ones fed up with being used as pawns to further the CRT-antiracist agenda?



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