BREAKING: Highland Park Shooter Confesses

City of Highland Park Police Department via AP

Robert “Bobby” Crimo, the no-longer alleged Highland Park shooter has confessed, potentially saving Illinois taxpayers a whole lot of money from a lengthy, and probably sensational trial, The Washington Examiner reports.


The man accused of killing seven people attending a parade in Highland Park, Illinois, on the Fourth of July has confessed to his role in the massacre, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo III, 21, made his confession in a voluntary statement, according to officials. He has been charged with seven counts of first-degree murder and will likely face more counts over the dozens injured during Monday’s attack, the prosecutor announced.

“He went into details about what he had done,” Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart told reporters outside of the county courthouse. “He admitted to what he had done. We don’t want to speculate on motives right now.”

It was also reported that Crimo considered a second attack, which explains why Crimo took his mother’s car and drove to Madison, Wisconsin. Crimo did not execute that attack, because he decided he had not put enough thought and research into this second attack in order to successfully conduct it. Imagine the carnage that would have resulted, not to mention the prosecutorial mess of different jurisdictions.

Crimo tossed his phone in the Madison area, and it was recovered by the FBI on Tuesday.

Crimo’s arraignment will likely be in August, and he will be represented in court by the public defender’s office, Rinehart said. “Many more charges” will be brought against Crimo, and for every person hurt in the attack, an attempted murder charge and an aggravated battery with a firearm charge will be brought against him, Rinehart said.


Lake County is fortunate not to have a Kim Foxx in office. Lake County District Attorney Eric Rinehart is looking to not just throw the book at Crimo, but the entire bookshelf.

“All of those are class X felonies, which have obviously serious prison time associated with them, but other people were attempted to be murdered, people who were not shot,” Rinehart said. “So there are many different charges that we are reviewing with respect to the other individuals who have sadly been injured by this, frankly, who were present on the scene. They were shot at, that may also constitute an attempted murder charge.”

As RedState reported, despite a prior brush with law enforcement in 2019, first when Crimo threatened to kill himself, and then a second time when a family member said Crimo threatened to kill everyone. The cops came to the Crimo residence and confiscated knives, a dagger, and a sword. Yet, Crimo managed to still legally obtain firearms.

RedState will continue to update information as the story develops.


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