Gavin Newsom Joins 'Truth Social' to Question 'America's Red State Murder Problem'

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Only Governor Hair Gel could be this expert at self-parody.

This man is a FOOL. How do I know this? Because despite California’s overriding problems which he has done nothing to solve, Newsom is still deluded that he can mount a run for the presidency in 2024.


Californians are desperately wanting relief from $10.00 a gallon gas, inflation, and our ever-present problem of drought.

Is Newsom concerned about addressing these things?


His Hairfulness spends his time on social media trying to malign and ratio Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott to prove he’s the kindest, most compassionate, and in-touch governor that has ever governed…

Or, something like that.

California’s crime continues to rise exponentially. San Francisco citizens have just recalled their district attorney because they have had enough of criminal justice reform where the criminals are coddled while the victims get attacked and re-victimized. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento—most of California’s major cities—are overrun with homelessness and its subsequent drug use, human detritus, and socially deviant behavior. And the California Adios of businesses and people continues apace. Smithfield Foods is the most recent company making its exit, citing the high cost of doing business as the reason.


But, as the song says, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

The governors of Florida and Texas have welcomed former California businesses (hello, Tesla) and people with open arms. But instead of Newsom studying why these governors are effective, and actually focusing on correcting all that’s wrong with the state that elected him, he tries to tear down DeSantis and Abbott, while doubling down on the failed policies that have hollowed out California.

The latest, “We’re better than Texas,” move? In the wake of the Uvalde massacre, Newsom is pushing to fast-track more gun control bills in a state that already has some of the strictest gun control measures.

From the California Globe:

“California has led the nation in reforming our laws to protect communities from gun violence,” Gov. Newsom said Tuesday. “This year is no different as we take decisive action to fast-track vital gun safety policies, even as recent federal court decisions threaten to make it more difficult to protect Californians from gun violence. Since the 1990s, our laws have prevented countless shootings and saved hundreds of lives. California isn’t waiting for Congress to act to protect our kids from needless gun violence.”

It’s a bald-faced lie used to grandstand and posture, which is what Hair Gel does so well. Newsom cribs from a Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) report that shows mass shootings make up three percent of California homicides. In Newsom’s convenient cherry-picking, he leaves out that California homicides increased in 2020, during the pandemic, and continue to rise through 2022. According to the PPIC report, in 2022 the state has averaged one mass shooting every week.


PPIC pulls its information from Gun Violence Archive. In my perusal of this site’s information, of the 269 mass shootings in the first six months of 2022, 23 of those occurred in California. That’s on par with Texas, whose number is around 28, and way more mass shootings than Florida whose number is around 12.

But the gasbag must gaslight. Apparently not getting enough attention on Twitter, Newsom is taking his act to another social media platform, signaling he thinks his bright ideas deserve national attention.

Newsom announced on Thursday that he has joined Trump’s new social media platform, Truth Social, in order to call out “Republican lies.”

Yeah, right.

What was his first post? Hair Gel claimed that he wanted to break down “America’s red state murder problem.”


Ding! Ding! Ding! New territory is the correct answer. Newsom recognizes that his tailored and trite utterances on Twitter have become echo chamber, and this just won’t serve him in a presidential run. So, Newsom ferreted out a new outlet to continue what he does on the regular: obfuscate, preen, posture, and pass the buck. With his first Truth Social post, Newsom creates a strawman syllogism in order to do just that.


This story from a local California blog is quite fascinating. It covers an investigation by the Marshall Project which revealed that California’s largest city has not been playing ball when it comes to submitting crime statistics to the FBI.

A new data analysis by the Marshall Project, a non-profit criminal justice-centered newsroom, found that nearly 40 percent of law enforcement agencies across the country did not contribute any data to the new FBI crime statistics collection program. That translates to roughly 7,000 police departments, including two of the country’s largest agencies: the LAPD and NYPD. The majority of police departments in five of the six most populous states also did not contribute.

Experts say gaps in data will make it more challenging to analyze national crime trends in the coming years. They also fear politicians will exploit a sudden increase in crime due to the new reporting system. “It’s not going to do the national debate over crime levels or crime solutions any good at all,” Richard Rosenfeld, a criminology professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis told the Marshall Project.

So, if the Los Angeles Police Department has not been sending in crime statistics, how do we know that Sacramento, San Francisco, and the San Diego Police departments have not been doing the same? Frankly, how can we trust any numbers coming out of California under Newsom’s regime, especially in light of the sleight of hand and the numbers cooking done to push the COVID nonsense?


But Newsom uses numbers and statistics out of context, to prove that he’s too clever by half, and deserves to lead the country. Like Dementia Joe, he’s just gotta be the leader of the free world. There were ample opportunities to reign Brandon in, and no one did it.

We are paying the price, and some of of us getting what we do not deserve.

Many people, including writers on this platform, have used our best efforts to point out why the rest of America should care about what happens in California, and why Gavin Newsom needs to be prevented from achieving higher office.

Many of you will continue to malign California and its citizens, and continue to delight in telling us we are getting what we deserve. But if Hair Gel continues unchecked and he is not removed from the public square, he may soon become America’s problem. If that happens, then all of you will get what you don’t deserve.

Food for thought.

In the meantime, Newsom is like a pig in slop, as he throws stones at Texas and Florida from his glass house. We will see how long he survives on Truth Social, with people who will be more than happy to toss the boulders of his failure right back at him.



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