Ambitious Joe Pinion Plans to Put Chuck Schumer out to Pasture

Joe Pinion for U.S. Senate for NY

If you’re a regular Newsmax TV watcher, you have probably seen Joe Pinion offering commentary on their slate of programming, or on Pinion’s own weekend show, “Saturday Agenda.”


In 2018, Pinion ran for the Assembly in New York’s District 90, and has been a longtime analyst in politics, and an advocate and activist for social and environmental concerns. In his role as a national spokesperson for RePublicEN, which addresses climate change and renewable energy, to being a fellow for the non-partisan group DeployUS, Pinion has done a balancing act between established conservative principles married to “progressive” action.

Joe Pinion for U.S. Senate


Yet, despite these substantial platforms and media access from which he can speak to the issues of our day, Pinion feels like now is the time to run for office again, and this time he is swinging for the fences.

Pinion is looking to unseat Senator Chuck Schumer.

Yes, you read that right.


If you have never heard Pinion speak or seen his Newsmax show, Pinion’s campaign video might appear a bit too WOKE for someone who claims to be a conservative. But before you write him off, listen to the reasons he chose to enter the race, and how his approach to unseat Chuck Schumer could be a winning strategy.


“Obviously we were able to go and secure the designation from the party at convention on the 28th of February. There is a petition period where the petition period closes on April 7.

“And none of those other individuals who were trying to make the journey were able to secure enough petitions to be able to have ballot access. So, yes, I will be the Republican-endorsed and Conservative Party-endorsed candidate on the ballot here in New York with a one-on-one shot at giving the people of New York a chance to remove Chuck Schumer from office.”


Ambitious, much? Without a doubt, and this will be required to take down Schumer’s highly funded, 48 years of public service. Like the individual currently occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Schumer has been on the public dime since 1974, when he stepped out of Harvard and into a New York State Assembly seat. Schumer has affected infected nationwide policy ever since.

Pinion says New Yorkers want a change:

“He [Schumer] is the person whose fingerprints are on everything that has gone wrong in our modern political system, and so we tell people whether they’re left of Bernie Sanders, whether they’re right of Donald Trump, they have a home on this campaign because our campaign is not left versus right.

“It’s simply right versus wrong.

“And he [Schumer] is a man who has presided over too much wrong for far too long, for the people of this nation.”

Pinion also spoke to how people think Chuck Schumer is in the House of Representatives, and like Nancy Pelosi, holds sway over the bastion of Left-leaning New York, making him even more difficult to defeat.

Pinion corrects that inaccuracy and explains why New Yorkers have a choice, and Pinion has a chance.

“We have the advantage that his name precedes him in ways that do not necessarily always benefit him. Many people do not like him and unlike Nancy Pelosi, who has one district in California that is highly concentrated of people on the left side of the aisle, Chuck Schumer is statewide. We do not have to win New York City, we just need to get about 30 to 3 percent of the vote out of New York City, which is not insurmountable.

“And when you look at the data, not my “Joe Pinion Opinion,” but the Siena College public polling data, you see a man who has struggled to crack 40 percent with Independents.

“Since April of last year, he’s currently hovering around 33 percent with independent voters. He’s currently hovering around 46 to 47 percent with the electorate overall, so those are the numbers that if you blacked out the name and blacked out the state, and said there was a 24 year incumbent who was 72 years old and who was running for another six years, people would tell you he was getting ready to lose!

“So, we plan on taking our message to the people and letting them know that it doesn’t have to be this way. That what you’re experiencing here in America today is abnormal, and the people who have brought you this abnormality and claim that it is just the new status quo are the people that we have to make sure are out the back door.”


Read Pinion’s background on his campaign website, which speaks to his grit and determination, as well as his successful achievements which have brought him to this new paradigm as a U.S. Senate candidate.

I asked Pinion whether with his substantial media presence and platform, that his energies might be better spent giving a platform to grassroots and established candidates and amplifying their voice. Pinion was insistent that, now is the time, and he is the candidate.

“I’ve seen firsthand why government has failed.

“I’ve also seen when government has been at its best. I’ve seen other faces of despair that are left behind by government through sanctioned neglect. So, we believe that if not now when? If not us, who? And we now believe that looking at the numbers and also looking at the moral imperative that exists, to make sure that this nation remains true to its founding principles, to have an America that works for every American, that we could build that uncommon code.

“Listen, I am not a perfect nor the perfect candidate. But this is a perfect moment for We the People to claim our place and to reclaim our power.”

Pinion does distinguish himself as a “progressive conservative,” which may also turn off some rock-ribbed Republicans and bring back nightmares of George W. Bush’s moniker of “compassionate conservative,” which turned out to be an excuse for globalism and open borders.

Pinion explains why he feels conservatives need to take back the language in order to restore it to its true meaning, and what he means by using the term:


“Well for me I think I, I think words have to match.

“I was an English major, but I think, in general, whether we’re talking about the Supreme Court or just judicial oversight in general, they are there to enforce the letter of the law. We seem to live in the world right now, where words have absolutely, positively no definition, and for me that, if there were ever true progressives, it has always been Republicans.

“Conservatives, who have been the wind beneath of the sails or the wind beneath the wings—so to speak—of us moving society forward.

“Progressive conservatism in many ways is an oxymoron, but I think in many ways we have to claim the words back if we’re going to be successful in building the broad tent required to win elections and govern.”

Another “Left wing” term that tends to elicit a knee-jerk response is renewable energy. Pinion presented an extremely commonsense perspective on why conservatives and Republicans should be at the forefront on this:

With all that out on the table, Pinion has a strong, shoe-leather strategy to win the hearts and minds of voters, and because this is a nationwide seat, and a nationwide campaign, he welcomes supporters across the nation to join him in his endeavor.


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