Feel-Good Friday: In a Random Act of Kindness, the Oceanside Police Department Gives Away Gas Money

Oceanside PD gives away cash at local gas stations. (Credit: KUSI News)

Random Acts of Kindness has become a thing in San Diego County, with an unlikely disseminator in the Oceanside Police Department. In a beautiful example on how philanthropy benefits the community, a monied family decided to make a donation for the express purpose of encouraging police interaction within the community that does not involve crime, arrest, or unrest.


What a novel idea, and amazing that it started here. California leads the way, and for once it’s a positive thing. Thus, the subject for this week’s Feel-Good Friday.

From a San Diego local trade blog:

Oceanside Police Department’s Random Acts of Kindness Project has been made possible by a $20,000 donation from the Fortin family, who established an Acts of Kindness Fund within Trauma Intervention Programs Incorporated.

“My family and I enthusiastically support the Oceanside Police Department Acts of Kindness Project. We can think of no better way for us to provide acts of kindness to Oceanside residents than by partnering with Oceanside police officers who are on the front lines and encounter those who need kindness and a helping hand on a regular basis,” said Wayne Fortin, founder of Trauma Intervention Programs Inc.

Officers encounter people daily that could use a helping hand or just a kind gesture to brighten their day. Often providing meals, clothing, or even transportation assistance. The project provides officers resources to further their ability to serve with compassion.

“The more opportunities that we have to engage with people outside of crisis situations I think deepen relationships and deepen understanding,” Oceanside Police Chief Fred Armijo said.

With the soaring gas prices in California, and our feckless Super Majority Democrat legislators attempting to raise taxes rather than address the problem by suspending the draconian gas taxes, the Oceanside Police Department decided to ease the pain at the pump for some residents by giving away gas money!


Jennifer Atenza, the public information officer for the Oceanside Police Department talks about how it came about and its affect on the community.


Good thing the San Diego County Board of Supervisors Nathan Fletcher and his blather about redistributing funds to mobile response units has fallen flat. Someone who describes the police force as an “oppressive” system is not interested in true reform, only in pushing his Woke agenda.

What is necessary is flipping the script on what policing entails, and is sorely needed in order to combat the attrition in law enforcement, as well as build support in the community for the police and the good work that they do. Bravo to the Fortin family for their forward thinking, and good on the Oceanside Police Department for embracing this initiative.

The Random Acts of Kindness program is a monthly endeavor, and as Atenza explained in the video, the police department will do a different focus for each month. It will be exciting to see what the coming months bring in changing the perspective and building strength and support to policing and to the residents of Oceanside. In a time when division seems to be the order of the day, it is heartening that the Police Department is encouraging these acts of kindness and unity to change that.

The Oceanside Police Department is saying, “We’re all in this together,” and putting action behind it.


I hope this program become a test model for police departments across the state, and even the country. There are conservative philanthropists in every state. Many stay under the radar, but they are out there. Maybe, instead of giving a chunk of money to a national candidate, they can focus on the local. Truth be told, this will have greater impact. Not to mention, give them an opportunity to put their money where their allegiance lies.

If support for the police as well as police reform is the true goal, then this program goes a long way to seeing that goal come about.




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