IN MY ORBIT: The Black Vote, Vince Everett Ellison, and the Great Need for Discourse in the Black Community

IN MY ORBIT: The Black Vote, Vince Everett Ellison, and the Great Need for Discourse in the Black Community
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We are desperate in this country for real discourse, but we have the Left and leftist politicians that are doing everything they can to quash it. But it is finally happening in both the Black and Hispanic communities. From exposure of the toxicity within CRT, to school choice to address failing inner city schools, to crime, both Blacks and Hispanics are pointing out causations and drawing distinctions. One of those distinctions is that the Democrat Party no longer represents them, and they are looking for alternatives.

My colleague Jeff Charles reported on a poll that shows Republicans are making gains among minority groups, and he interviewed conservative candidates and thought leaders who affirmed that if Republicans play their cards right, step up outreach into the minority communities, and begin to open up the discussion on how best to approach and solve the issues that plague the community, a sea change could occur to more than 50 years of minorities voting one party.

There has definitely been an uptick in activity from the Republican National Committee on this, as the Washington Times reported back in February:

Republicans are looking to attract more Black voters with a message that the Democratic Party has made little progress for people of color.

The Republican National Committee stepped up its efforts this month, which marks Black History Month, to zero in on the message to move Black voters away from the Democratic Party while also promoting GOP values.

“The main message is that the Democrat Party has taken your vote for granted for decades, and you got nothing in return,” said Paris Dennard, an RNC spokesperson.

But along with that message, there needs to be concrete action. It appears there are efforts in that direction as well, with an increased presence of Black Republican candidates in the races for 2022, along with pouring money into community centers across the country in communities that have a minority-majority:

There are about 40 Black Republicans running for local and federal office across the country in 2022, according to the RNC.

Though Democrats belittle the number, the Republican Party says it represents a record level of Black candidates joining its ranks.

“Republicans are potentially in a much better position, given everything that’s going on in this election cycle than they were two years ago, four years ago, even 10 years ago,” Mr. Heye said. “If they campaign the right way and talk about these issues and how they affect voters, certainly African American voters, they may be in a good position to gain more of that vote.”

The RNC has stepped up its messaging campaign for Black voters partly through a $2 million initiative to establish community centers in cities across the country.

The centers, which are hosting breakfasts and other events this month, are in Cleveland; Milwaukee; Philadelphia; Jacksonville, Florida; and College Park, Georgia.

Two more centers are expected to open in Greensboro and Elizabeth City, North Carolina, as well as others in cities not yet determined.

The RNC is also expanding its presence in Black media outlets by advertising the GOP in Black newspapers and TV news channels.

Also more then the RNC has done in decades. However, where Democrats are particularly persuasive is in recruiting the Black Intelligentsia, thought leaders, and celebrities to ground and carry their message. So in the RNC’s further plans for outreach, they might want to consider tapping into the ideas and thoughts of Vince Everett Ellison.

Vince Everett Ellison wrote The Iron Triangle in 2019. The book exposed the Black Preacher, the Black Civics Organizer, and the Black politician, i.e., “The Iron Triangle,” and their hypocrisy and betrayal of the Black community vis-a-vis the Democrat Party.

Ellison has been on Fox News’ Hannity and the Ingraham Angle, but let’s face it; these types of programs tend to ghettoize and weaponize Black perspectives, rather than help to disseminate and expand upon them. However, Tucker Carlson used his long-form program, Tucker Carlson Today to give Ellison an opportunity to expand on his thoughts on being Black, the Black experience in America, and why the Democrat Party has been the toxic stew that has poisoned us, and why Blacks keep eating from the pot. Unlike the 30-second, rapid fire format of his colleagues shows, Carlson’s hour-plus long format allowed for context and greater clarity. If you happen to have a Fox Nation subscription, I’d strongly recommend you watch the interview.

Ellison has also written extensively on The American Thinker, American Greatness, Clash Daily, and other online publications. This year Ellison wrote a new book, 25 Lies: Exposing Democrats’ Most Dangerous, Seductive, Damnable, Destructive Lies and How to Refute Them, which continues in the vein of Iron Triangle in exposing the lies of the Democrat Party and its destructive agenda. But this time, it’s written to all Americans and as the title reflects, it gives tactics on how to fight back. 

While I cannot say I agree with everything Ellison puts forth, he does two things that are pivotal to making that sea change: he sparks thought, and he shatters sacred cows.

I won’t give it away, but read his American Thinker article about the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement. It will blow your mind. Talk about shattering sacred cows, he grinds them to powder.

Another point worth chewing on is Ellison’s assertion, that there is too much Black male cowardice.

“Our biggest problem is not racism–it’s Black male cowardice,” he said in the Tucker Carlson Today interview.

“There are men out there, Black men, and white men who just need to be activated.”

Ellison is a walking example of how a free man should be thinking, and his manner of articulating his thoughts and the reason behind them is a Master Class on how to dismantle the Left’s arguments. Ellison said that part of his strategy in changing hearts and minds is to hit you with information that you know is right, and then hit you with information that you don’t have.

Ellison also dropped this thought bomb:

“The Black Intelligentsia in America is rotten to the core.”

No kidding. All we have to do is look at that fool Elie Mystal (is that really his real name?) or any other supposed “Black” voice on CNN and MSNBC. The things they spout that disseminate lies and stoke division, while comfortably living on Park Avenue and collecting a fat paycheck (looking at you, Mara Gay), are unconscionable, and yes, rotten.

This is also why the Romneys, the Cheneys, the Sasses, and the Kinzingers of this world are so dangerous.

But, I digress….

What I most appreciate about Ellison is that he calls a spade a spade. Yes, I said that.

Ellison flat out calls the Democrat Party evil, and he doesn’t stutter.

“They are coming to take us out. We no longer have policy disagreements with these people. These people are coming to do damage, and we have to be able to arm ourselves, and do damage back.”

There is no parsing, no “good people on both sides,” arguments or “we need to come to common ground.” He flat out states that Black people, and frankly any freedom-loving American should not be a part of a party whose foundation is evil and who do nothing but promote and disseminate it.

The current platform of the Democrat Party bears this out. Tell me again why three-year olds need sex education training? I’ll wait.

If you cannot access the Tucker Carlson Today interview, this free (and shorter) podcast interview on “The Elsa Kurt Show” gives you a taste of Ellison’s thought process, reasoning, and recommendations on how Americans can fight back against the Democrat/Leftist agenda.


The RNC needs to discover and promote Black diverse voices like Vince Everett Ellison and then let them loose. The time for soft-peddling and poll testing is long over, especially if they want to change the Black voter’s viewpoint. Discourse is meant to be messy, and thought bombs embed shrapnel in their wake.

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