IN MY ORBIT: The Godless Love to Tell the Godly How They Should Vote

Screenshot via Twitter/Eva McKend

The godless Democrats and Leftist have love/hate relationships with people of faith. When we are demanding that you respect our First Amendment rights to freely assemble and to worship, or we’re protecting the rights of the preborn, then we are a problem. When we offer “thoughts and prayers” over a tragedy that, no matter how it occurred, could use the entrance of God’s peace and love, we are roundly mocked.

But come election time, every politician comes knocking on the doors of the church. “Souls to the Polls” is an infamous Democrat strategy where so-called grassroots organizations mobilize churches and faith communities to get out the vote, and canvass for a particular candidate, almost always a Democrat.

These same godless Democrats who mocked President George W. Bush’s faith coalition in 2004, and who despised then-candidate Donald J. Trump’s evangelical supporters in 2016, have no problem knocking on the church doors in their districts, co-opting the pastor’s pulpit, and shilling for the Black vote. It is the worst form of craven avarice and naked pandering. But every major election cycle, whether presidential year or midterms, the godless Democrats look to the congregants of the Black church to get them over the top.

This is making itself evident in the Virginia gubernatorial race, where Terry McAuliffe is in a tight contest against businessman Glenn Youngkin. In order to improve his edge, McAuliffe is mounting an entire “Souls to the Polls” blitz that not only includes him going to area churches and shucking and jiving for Black Virginian votes, but it also includes videos by Vice President Kamala Harris, and Stacey Abrams, the bright, shiny objects the godless Democrats use as an example of how “progressive” and successful the party is for Blacks.

It’s truly nauseating.

Notice who is wearing a mask and who isn’t? But, I digress….

Part of the goal is to encourage congregants to vote on Sunday, which is now allowable in Virginia. What happened to honoring the Sabbath and keeping it holy? It seems their intent is to draw one away from godly habits.

This is how the godless Democrats treat people of faith, and it remains cringeworthy each time they seek to do it.

Remember 2008? then-Senator Hillary Clinton pulled from the annals of gospel music to quote a James Cleveland song, in questionable and egregious, “black speak.”


And let us not forget 2012, when then-Vice President Joe Biden spoke to a Black church (also in Virginia) with a folksy, twangy delivery, and told the audience that presidential candidate Mitt Romney was going to, “Put Y’all All Back in Chains!”



The larger tragedy is that pastors continue to allow politicians to use them and their congregations for political gain. I blame the pastors. As leaders of their flock, they have the say on how their church resources will be used, and who is allowed in their pulpit. According to the scripture, these pastors will give an account for how well they watched over the souls of their flock. The ones who are allowing this use and abuse of the church have much to account for.

If these pastors were truly focused on educating their flock, these “Souls to the Polls” blitzes would include Youngkin, McAuliffe, and any other politician out there, no matter what the affiliation. But once again, it seems to only drift in one direction politically. The same is true with Republican politicians and evangelicals.

What is in it for these pastors? Prestige? Rubbing shoulders with potential power?

Whatever it is, in the case of the godless Democrats, they rarely live up to their promises. The perpetual grievances of BLM and other Black leadership organizations attest to this. The Biden-Harris ticket did the same posturing and pandering during the 2020 election cycle. Once they took over the White House, Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda became a sop to every special interest group except Blacks. Between the vaccine mandate, which disenfranchises Black people particularly, and his attacks on the economy, Biden’s poll numbers are sinking.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings are falling among almost all demographics, with the percentage of Black adults believing he is handling the role as president well dropping the most.

According to a Pew Research September poll, Biden’s overall approval rating stands at 44 percent, compared to 53 percent who say they disapprove of his performance in the White House.

As noted by Pew, this is a reversal in Biden’s job ratings from July, when 55 percent of Americans said they approved of his job performance compared to 43 percent who disapproved.

But this is after-the-fact. In 2020, Blacks were captured by the bright, shiny objects of a biracial vice president, as much as they were by a biracial president in 2008.

Things didn’t work out so well then, either.

Virginia could well be an upset, but what needs to change is the mindset of Blacks who are dazzled by rhetoric and symbolism, rather than being bullish and confrontational on policy and actual economic gains. Blacks claim that they are a powerful voting bloc, and their presence creates change elections. Yet, every cycle, they co-opt that power to the Democrat Party. For supposed people of faith, where prayer and a biblical worldview should temper decisions—especially about who does or does not get the vote—allowing this circus to continue is unwise, and as devoid of faith as the godless Democrats.


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