Nero Newsom Fiddles With Ridiculous Laws, as California Continues to Implode

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Last week, Huntington Beach, CA suffered an oil spill, caused by an undersea fuel pipeline being pierced by a ship’s anchor. As I mentioned here, that damage could have been caused by one of the thousands of ships clogging the Southern California waters around the Port of Los Angeles. This is currently under investigation.


In the meantime, the ships are waiting to be off loaded, but cannot because of the inefficiency of dock workers. Thank you, Labor Unions.

Governor Gavin Newsom does not care about the causation, the fact that our supply chain of goods and services has been horrifically disrupted, and that hundreds of truckers, retailers, and average citizens are losing money by the day.

No, Governor Hair Gel is urgently concerned about a “greener future”, and getting rid of fossil fuels by 2035.

Apparently this is behind his signing into law a ban on the sale of gas-powered leaf blowers and other small engine equipment, starting in 2024. What type of equipment, pray tell? Primarily gas lawnmowers and leaf blowers. Who are the ones that use this type of equipment? The average middle-class family that cannot afford a gardener, and blue-collar workers like gardeners, who maintain the shrubbery and lawns of the well-heeled, rich, and famous, for mere pennies, on a shoestring budget. Leave it to Hair Gel to come up with a new way to hamstring small businesses. Good job, you!


This same governor is claiming his commitment to “reproductive and racial justice” (huh?!) by signing into law the so-called Momnibus Act.

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the California “Momnibus” Act into law on Monday, which is an effort to improve infant and maternal health, especially for families of color.

The act will investigate maternal and infant deaths, bolster research on this phenomenon, provide guaranteed income for new mothers and support coverage for doula services.

“We know the what, we know the why–this is the how,” Newsom said of the act during a press conference for the signing.

He emphasized that the guaranteed income for pregnant women is groundbreaking, calling it a “big deal.”

Yet, he condemned the Texas heartbeat law, issuing this tweet:

Silently–in the dead of night–the Supreme Court eviscerated the protection of a woman’s right to choose that has been protected for 50 years. CA will continue to protect this fundamental right & lead the nation in expanding access to reproductive care.

Newsom is very selective about when reproductive care means saving life, and when it means a woman has the right to take life. To reflect more on this deceptive and disconnected leadership, he just signed two more bills into law that allow minors to hide abortions and gender affirming therapy from their parents.


For the sake of California parents, someone make it make sense.

These are Gavin Newsom’s priorities for you and your children. These are Gavin Newsom’s priorities for the environment. It is amazing how these priorities have little to do with your being able to feed your family, protect them from harm, or maintain a livelihood in the second most expensive state in the nation.

Yet, Newsom fiddles with his social experimentation laws, while Tesla Motors, the last remaining car manufacturer in California, moves its headquarters to Texas, and ships languish in the Southern California waters causing untold damage to the environment and the nation’s supply-chain. But Newsom is committed to good, signing an “ethnic studies” graduation requirement into law, when half of California’s graduates can barely read or write.

The last bill his Hairfulness has signed: requiring retailers to make toy aisles, “gender neutral.”

California became the first state in the nation Saturday to adopt a law requiring large retail stores to provide gender neutral toy sections under a bill signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The new law, which takes effect in 2024, says that retail stores with 500 or more employees must sell some toys and childcare products outside of areas specifically labeled by gender. Retailers can continue to offer other toys and childcare goods in traditional boys and girls sections if they choose to.

Newsom offered no comment on the bill signing, one of several announced in the final batch of legislative actions weighed for the year.


For the rest of the nation: Time to cease mocking California, and stand up and demand change and accountability in your local and federal government.

Otherwise, this will be their future.



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