Heads Explode as a TikTok Influencer Pushes Back on the Term 'Unvaxxed' and Declares Herself, 'PureBlood'

Heads Explode as a TikTok Influencer Pushes Back on the Term 'Unvaxxed' and Declares Herself, 'PureBlood'
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A TikTok Influencer named Lindsay Marie decided to create a video to protest the term “unvaxxed.” This term has been foisted upon those who either cannot get the COVID-19 vaccine or who simply refuse to do so. This could be because they feel they don’t need it, or because they have the natural immunity that comes with having contracted COVID-19 and recovered. One global COVID tracker has this number at over 200 million people, so sparking a conversation on how all these people want to be seen is not out of the box.

From the New York Post:

Some anti-vaxxers have proclaimed themselves “Purebloods” in a campaign of biological supremacy against those who received the COVID-19 vaccine.

“From now on, I refuse to be referred to as ‘unvaccinated,’” said conservative influencer Lyndsey Marie in a post last week. “I want everyone to now call me Pureblood.”

Her hashtags included #harrypotter, #pureblood and #unvaccinated.

Marie is most likely referring to a term more recently popularized by the “Harry Potter” series, which saw wizards and warlocks with the most magical progeny assigned as “purebloods” or “half-bloods” — as opposed to “muggles,” mere humans who practice magic.

Of course, the legacy media and the Karens are losing their minds, accusing Lindsay Marie of aligning herself with racists and Nazis.

Vice covered the story, and breathlessly tied it into the four deaths from COVID-19 of three right-leaning radio hosts who have taken the stance of being anti-vax and one “prominent anti-vaccine activist.”

This surge in unvaccinated pride comes as several high-profile anti-vaxxers have recently died from COVID-19.

The recent death of a right-wing radio host in Colorado, who urged his listeners to boycott the COVID-19 jab, was publicized this week. Another right-wing shock jock in Florida, who dubbed himself “Mr. Anti Vax,” died a few weeks ago. A prominent anti-vaccine activist from Chicago also recently died from COVID-19 after she and a crowd of QAnon followers harassed the hospital to treat her with a bogus covid cure.

Those deaths, and the overflowing hospitals in states with low vaccination rates, serve as a grim reminder that, unlike the Harry Potter universe, the threat of COVID-19 is very, very real.

Ironic? For sure. A pattern or trend? Doubtful. Every person mentioned in the above article, and the linked Washington Post piece, were in their 60s or older. According to the CDC, advanced age moves you into a higher risk category. If you contract the virus, you are more at risk of becoming extremely ill, and dying from it. We have no clue of these people’s medical history. However, if any of them had comorbidities, then according to the CDC, that would also increase their propensity towards hospitalization, ventilation, and sadly, death.

From the looks of Lindsay Marie and the others who are latching onto this movement, most of them appear young, healthy, and aware that there is more than meets the eye with this push to get them vaccinated. No one is denying COVID-19 is real. Choosing not to get the COVID-19 vaccines should be just that: a choice. Sadly, it has become a social and political campaign to create a caste system of those who choose not to take the COVID vaccines, and an agenda to blame the inability to mitigate the virus on this group. The term “unvaxxed” has become on par with a racial slur or a sexual derogator. President Joe Biden, The CDC’s Dr. Rachelle Walensky, and the media want to embed the narrative of “a pandemic of the unvaxxed” in order to justify everything from mask mandates to vaccine passports to denial of employment, medical care, and services to the newly-dubbed “Purebloods.”

Lindsay Marie seems to have a great sense of humor over the whole thing. Because of the hubbub over the first video, she hid it; then she posted two other videos to point out the social media outcry and the legacy media overkill.

Lindsay Marie TikTok Influencer (@pb_lyndsey00marie)

Lord of Mercy. I made the news…. #pureblood #covid19 #covidvaccine #conservative

♬ original sound – Lyndsey Marie

Well, all the media attention may have had the opposite effect, because the term is still catching on, and may well cancel out the derogatory “unvaxxed.” Other people are pledging their allegiance, either by declaring they no longer wish to be referred to as unvaxxed or using the hashtag to point out whose behavior truly fits the Nazi paradigm.

Part of changing a narrative is changing the language used. So I say, Bravo Lindsay Marie for starting a movement that could turn the language used in the conversation on civil liberties, medical freedom, privacy, and choice.

A young friend of mine is also appalled at the agenda being pushed by our government, Big Pharma, and the legacy media to paint her as “unvaxxed.” We had a great conversation over Twitter DM about this.

Of course, she prefers to remain anonymous.

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