CA RECALL: Why Gavin Newsom and the CA Democratic Party Want the Candidate Choice Question Left Blank

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Ballots for the September 14 Special Election to Recall Gavin Newsom have been sent out, and both opponents and proponents are working to energize their people and give them proper instruction on how to fill it out.


The ballot is not hard, but between the legacy media and Governor Hair Gel, they have done all they can to make it seem complicated.

The ballot consists of two questions:

Question 1: Shall Gavin Newsom be recalled (removed) from the office of Governor? YES/NO.

Question 2: Candidates to succeed Gavin Newsom as Governor if he is recalled? Vote for ONE.

Then it lists the 46 candidates who made the ballot for you to choose from.

Democrats are befuddled about why the California Democratic Party and Gavin Newsom are commanding their voters to fill out their ballots this way:

Vote “NO” on Question 1, but leave Question 2 blank.

It is a curious directive. There are Democrats who are running as candidates on the ballot; the top polling one is a Millennial YouTube star named Kevin Paffrath. If you have to go through this recall, why not put your vote toward a Democrat candidate as opposed to a Republican, or No Party Preference/Independent one?

Some Republicans and others are looking at it and simply laughing it off, thinking it’s desperation on Newsom’s part. Other Democrats are saying it’s a bad move.

Even the Democrats who are looking to “follow orders” don’t see the sense behind it.


Confusion is already the natural state of some of these people. But, like good little soldiers, they are doing what their betters tell them. “Yes, Dear Leader… Leave Question 2 Blank. We will do what you say!” Hashtag: The Cult of the Perpetually Clueless. Many a clueless human votes Democrat.

Here is another interesting command from Hair Gel that needs to be scrutinized:

Everybody, TODAY is election day. I know you’re thinking, it’s September 14, but this is an ALL MAIL-In-Ballot. Every day between now AND election day on September 14 is an opportunity to turn in your NO on the Recall Ballot.

For someone who is on the chopping block, His Hairfulness seems a bit too eager for us to get in our ballots TODAY. Like, don’t wait, we need you to get it in NOW.

Why is that?

We all know that the tactics to thwart this recall election are already in play, from frivolous lawsuits, to being able to print your own ballot… or somebody else’s. This is the Democrat Party’s golden boy after all, and none of them thought they would be at the point of fighting to keep him in place.


Yet, here we are, with a Special Election happening in less than 30 days. This gives me hope that with greater vigilance, we can bring it to the finish line. And one of those points of vigilance is knowing what your enemy is up to without your enemy knowing that you know.

As Sun Tzu says, “All war is deception.”

There is a video making the rounds that spotlights what we are up against:

The Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder tweeted that they are on the case.

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Dean C. Logan is another corruptocrat, so we’ll see how that goes.

But even Democrat Recall Candidate Kevin Paffrath is getting “red pilled,” so to speak, about the motives of his own party. Paffrath took to YouTube (this is his world), and has his own tinfoil hat theories:

So, a commonsense person should look at this ballot and say, okay, well… Let’s say you like the governor, you say, I don’t want the governor to be recalled. A commonsense person, in my opinion, would pick a backup option, right? It’s like, Oh, crap I really don’t want him to go, but if he did, maybe we should pick a backup.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party is not being reasonable. They tweet these kinds of posts, and it literally says, “Vote NO on the first question, leave the second question blank”. Now, that got me thinking, Why? That is utterly stupid. It’s so stupid, it almost seems like sabotage.


Oh, it’s sabotage, all right—but not in the way Paffrath thinks.

He continued:

Because, here’s the thing, if Californians vote YES on the Recall, and the governor’s gone, and the California Democratic Party didn’t pick a backup option, well then they literally shot themselves in the foot. Like, why wouldn’t you just say, “Vote NO on the Recall, but then, hey, worst case scenario, vote on this backup person”. California Democratic Party doesn’t want to do that. So I feel like, and this is me maybe being a little bit jaded, put the tinfoil hat on. I personally feel like the California Democratic Party, or the person leading it […] Maybe I haven’t been enlightened here, but it seems stupid to me that you wouldn’t have a backup strategy.

Ahh… so close, Kev. This is part of their backup strategy as I’ll explain later.

But here is where Paffrath hit the red gusher:

And the only reason I can picture for not having a backup strategy, I wonder if the California Democratic Party believes that if Gavin Newsom loses and he gets kicked out, and they’re branding this a “Republican Recall” and a Republican gets in, they know that the Democrats have 72 to 75 percent power in the Legislature. The Legislature will just run the state for the next year, sandbag a Republican governor for the entire next year, and when 2022 rolls around, basically rally, and elect, or try to elect a Democratic governor again under the guise of, “See, look, we gave you a Republican for a year, they got nothing done, everything got worse, nothing they promised they were able to get done. They suck, screw them, now we’ll elect a Democrat again.”


Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Take home a prize, Kevin! This is probably the closest to the scenario they have in mind should Newsom be recalled.

But my tinfoil hat theory involves a bit… extra.

Paffrath concludes his theory with this bit of insight:

And it’s almost kind of like, in my opinion, like gambling with Californians lives, to sabotage California for a year, to try to hold on to power at any and all means necessary.

And therein lies the heart of all this. Everyone and their mother knows that the Democrats’ desire is to hold on to power, whether that power be through Newsom or through someone else. They do not care one whit about Californians or their concerns, so leaving us dangling for one more year will not make one bit of difference in their calculus. They will keep their power whether it is, as Paffrath so aptly put it, sandbagging a Republican governor, or whether Republican or Democrat, simply leading an inexperienced governor around by the nose with their legislative gamesmanship.

Where Republicans and others voting YES on the recall election are missing the mark is focusing on the electable candidate NOW, rather than the candidate who can not only get elected on September 14, but who can make strides for the people of California within that year, and who also can be reelected in 2022. I’ll tell you right now, there’s only one person on the ballot who can pull off all three.

Paffrath is really on the right track, and I hope he keeps digging and making his voice heard. He touts himself as JFK Democrat, and if that’s the case, we need his voice in state governance, especially if he plans to stay in the insane party.

Here is where Paffrath shoots, but misses. The reason Newsom and the Democrats want their voters to leave Question No. 2 blank is to sabotage the Republican side. If they cannot keep Newsom, they can still choose the governor that they want.


In the 26 days we have left until September 14, don’t think there aren’t union stooges going through the ballots already submitted and working their vote massaging tactics. However, thanks to forensic audits in Arizona and Georgia, the whole ‘creating votes’ thing has to look different, and keep that air of legitimacy. When they receive legitimate ballots from their Democrat voters with Question 2 left blank, someone is simply filling in the circle of the candidate that the California Democratic Party wants inserted, and these votes will weight toward who they want to be in the governor’s chair.

And it will all be perfectly legal. No vote tampering here. Nothing to see… move along.

Maybe that name will be Kevin Paffrath… But I kinda doubt it.

Maybe it will be who the CADems, legacy media, and Newsom deem, “The likely next Governor”.

Maybe it will be former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer who will be knighted; or, maybe, “I’m a businessman” John Cox will get the nod.

Know this for sure: 1) it will be someone who has no clue what they do up in Sacramento and who likes to follow their “experts”; and 2) it will be someone who they can either lead around by the nose because that candidate is bought and paid for by their own interests (the same as Newsom), or they’re so fixated on being bipartisan and “working” with the Legislature that they will be played for a fool, and waste a year by not getting anything done.


The end result will be as Paffrath predicts. A progressive Democrat will rise to compete against the new Republican governor in 2022 and mop the floor with them, then deliver the governorship back into Democrat hands.

Newsom and the California Democratic Party want you to think you are choosing your candidate, while performing their new version of ballot stuffing to ensure their candidate wins. They are showing that they are in control and have the power here, and no one will wrest it from them.

It’s definitely diabolical. The only thing that will stop it: overwhelming voter turnout by the proponents of the recall, and voting for a candidate who can not only win and enact change that first year, but will also win in 2022.


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