Larry Elder Campaign Bans Sacramento Bee and Mounts a New Press Avail

Radio Host and Political Pundit Larry Elder has let the Sacramento Bee know that it is no longer welcome to any of his future campaign or press events. At first blush, it was surmised the reason was because of the hour-long interview with the Opinion Editors of the McClatchy Group, who essentially run the Bee.


Pollster Rob Pyers alleged that it was Elder’s comments in the interview about the election which may have damaged his campaign.

Our Managing Editor wondered the same thing:

However, Elder’s Communications Director Ying Ma did a series of individual tweets clarifying the reasons behind the ban:

1) The @larryelder campaign is officially revoking the @sacbee_news‘s access to our campaign. This means every reporter, editorial writer, photographer–every part of the newspaper.


2) At  @sacbee_news‘s invitation, @larryelder’s campaign had submitted answers to a voter guide. Sacramento Bee then proceeded to doctor our responses and publish without our permission. We have requested that the unauthorized answers be taken down, the Bee has refused.

3) How did @sacbee_news doctor @larryelder responses, you ask? They deleted all negative references to @GavinNewsom. The finest of media bias, incompetence, and self-delusion at work.

4) @sacbee_newscan restore @larryelder‘s original answers to the voter guide or take down the unauthorized version. Until then, the newspaper will not have access to our campaign.

Elder also pissed off legacy media reporters, especially the Los Angeles Times, in an August 15 Zoom conference where he only took questions from local, Asian-centric publications.

If you enjoy seeing MSM stuffed shirts being upended, it was quite a hoot. A reporter from the LAT—I won’t name him out of a courtesy he didn’t seem to have himself—was throwing a tantrum in the Zoom chat room due to his receiving a lack of attention.

And if you sense a pro-Asian bias in all this, you are obviously correct and it was obviously deliberate on the part of the Elder campaign. These seemingly small Asian outlets—considering the size of California’s Asian community, they could be quite big in actuality—were given the only opportunities to ask questions.


POLITICO’s Carla Marinucci took to Twitter to voice her displeasure.

Ma responded:

The strategy to ensure smaller outlets get equal opportunity is commendable, and a new approach to managing the press. But will it make a difference? Should Elder become governor, and could use the legacy media for national exposure on a critical policy initiative, will they be there to cover it, or will he get the cold shoulder?

Elder is either unveiling a radical new strategy that will be replicated by other cutting-edge campaigns, or he is setting himself up for failure.

The response to these developments was a mix of his detractors and supporters:


That is a smart assessment. The moves that each candidate chooses to make now are a reflection of the moves they will make should they win office. In this political climate, any dodging and crafting the situations where you choose to engage press does smack of having something to hide.

Let the buyer beware.

But, a move like this can also strengthen or gain more of his constituent base. There is nothing like feeling as though you are heard to engender that personal touch, and maintain loyalty.

Then there are others who see it as a naive, and perhaps risky campaign move.


Along with constituent criticism and commentary, I am curious to see how Elder handles brewing rumors, and the new attacks from his fellow candidates.


At Tuesday’s Recall Governors Candidate debate in Sacramento, former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer blasted Elder’s “indefensible” opposition to a minimum wage.

According to POLITICO, Faulconer also brought up a 2000 Capitalism Magazine essay where Elder wrote,

But there’s a problem. Women know less than men about political issues, economics, and current events. Good news for Democrats, bad news for Republicans. For the less one knows, the easier the manipulation.

A study at the Annenberg School at the University of Pennsylvania confirmed women’s lack of knowledge of the issues. Researchers asked 25 questions about candidates and specific issues during the recent primary season.

Will Elder address this shot across the bow from Faulconer? As the “Joe Biden won the election fairly and squarely” comment harmed him with certain factions of the Trump base (and he has tried to walk those comments back), will these 11-year old writings also damage his credibility among women?

And speaking of women, his longtime former producer and girlfriend, Alexandra Datig has been making her presence known. While Datig is restricted by a non-disclosure agreement, she is finding ways to play devil’s advocate and poke holes in the balloon of what seems like an Elder rise.


While Elder continues to refuse to debate among his fellow candidates (as does Caitlyn Jenner), and crafts the press opportunities to his choosing, all it takes is the drip, drip, drip of a few intrepid journalists and fact checkers to erode any fronts that reject proper scrutiny; especially because of the manner in which he chooses to engage with them.

As the saying goes, you can Run…



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