IN MY ORBIT: White Savior is a Mental Disorder

IN MY ORBIT: White Savior is a Mental Disorder
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It truly is, especially among the looney Left.

For those wondering what it is, think of the policies that Biden-Harris are trying to pull off in the name of “equity”. The Government is the ultimate White Savior. FDR proved it, LBJ proved it, and now JRB is trying to live up to it.

Here’s a definition from a blog I follow:

The White Savior Complex is something that has been around for decades, and although the intent might seem pure, it is actually much more sinister than it appears. Seen in the real-world and portrayed in movies, I’ve seen this topic being discussed more since the Black Lives Matter movement where people are starting to critically analyze society. So what is The White Savior Complex and why is it harmful? Well, it is a white person’s desire to help a Black person in a self-serving way. Now, when you hear this, the first thing that might come to mind is mission trips to countries in Africa, or when White celebrities pose with African children. That is a perfect example of the white-savior complex.

I disagree with this person’s conclusions, especially about the mission trips to Africa, of which I have been a part. The writer also includes the film trope of White Savior where a story about a Black main character is overshadowed by a white counterpart/savior who helps the hero along the journey. The writer’s example of the movie, The Blind Side is another one I take issue with. If this is a case of “White Savior” behavior, and only other Blacks are supposed to assist, help, or rescue other disadvantaged Blacks, we would never have gotten anywhere, and half of Black history wouldn’t exist. Frederick Douglass’ master’s wife taught him how to read. Had it not been for her “White Savior” tendencies, we would not have been transformed by one of the greatest minds and historical voices and heroes of any race.

What this blog writer wants to exclude is the Liberal/Leftist mindset that THEY must be the one to facilitate and restore justice and equity for “people of color” or whatever the woke term is now.

This happens quite a bit on Twitter. As a Black conservative, I often get roped into discussion with the White Savior types who throw out a ridiculous charge or challenge, thinking that they are speaking truth to power.

This latest one is from some nimwit going under the name Nitra Landers with an anime avatar. So who knows whether this person is male, female, binary, or just scary. They certainly were annoying.

People like Nitra Landers use all the tropes and the terminology, pretending to be an ally of Blacks. They fail to see not only their level of patronization, but their level of stunning stupidity.

Not to mention racism.

@NitramLand knows that I am a Black woman. She is evil and seeks to dehumanize me by calling me a white male. She can’t debate me on the merits of a subject, so she defaults to personal attacks. I know liberal tactics. It’s always the same script, different cast.

And therein lies the rub. White Saviorism not only robs Blacks of agency, but humanity. Because Black females are the huge driving force in progressivism (look at the leadership of BLM), it is particularly egregious to these types when confronted by a female conservative. It is easier for them to either ignore that we exist or reduce us to a stereotype or a punch line, than it is to stretch their limited view of the world and acknowledge they might be wrong.

But, the lack of victimhood is like a bad stench, and they do all they can to either wash it away or get away from it.

A social study done in June on expressed surprise and wonderment, that the more engaged progressives were politically, the more they tended to dehumanize the other side. Something they termed as, “metadehumanization”:

We found the most politically engaged partisans held the most exaggerated, and therefore most inaccurate, levels of metadehumanization. Moreover, despite the socially progressive and egalitarian outlook traditionally associated with liberalism, the most liberal Democrats actually expressed the greatest dehumanization of Republicans. This suggests that political ideology can at times be as much an expression of social identity as a reflection of deliberative policy considerations, and demonstrates the need to develop more constructive outlets for social identity maintenance.

This is nothing new to the Black conservative, and especially the female conservatives. I have spent a great deal of time in bastions of liberal education, and the assumption was always that I was “one of them”. They never bothered to ask my opinion on anything, because of my skin color and sex, they defaulted to de facto alliance and allegiance.

But what was most interesting was the conversations they chose to engage in because of that assumption. Talk about saying the quiet part out loud: these people felt no qualms in saying some of the most ridiculous, denigrating, racist, and outrageous things, in the name of liberalism and being an ally. They felt perfectly justified in their stance, and some of them were openly proud of this.

I always enjoyed the look on their faces when they discovered that I was the enemy in their midst. It’s great fun to render a leftist speechless.

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