The Stupid, It Burns! Failed Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs Wants You to Vote "No" on the Recall and "Yes" to Progress

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Michael D. Tubbs is the failed former Mayor of Stockton, CA. One of those bright, rising stars in the Democrat Party, he instituted the first-ever universal basic income in the city, but still lost to Republican Kevin Lincoln, who was a military veteran and had never held political office. According to reports, despite the UBI-boon, Lincoln received 56 percent of the vote. The post-mortem of Tubbs’ campaign reflected that voters felt Tubbs lacked focus on the homelessness, crime, and poverty in the city he was supposed to be running, and was more focused on flying around the country to play the rising star for national party events and Democrat concerns.


Sound familiar?

Failing up, this is what Democrats do, so our failure of a Governor Hair Gel appointed him to the inglorious position of special adviser for economic mobility and opportunity.


Tubbs has also penned a memoir, which appears to still be the strategy before making a bigger political move.

So this tweet to prop up his boss explains much:

This Republican recall in California is about taking us back to the Pete Wilson days. It’s about bringing Trump governance to the Golden State. If you care about opportunity, justice, the environment, basic income, child savings accounts: Vote No on 9/14. Say yes to progress.

Notice he didn’t invoke Arnold Schwarzenegger? Probably because it would be too much of a reminder of how the “Guvernator” ended up in office in the first place. Too close to the vest.

Instead he threw it back to Pete Wilson, who ended his run as California Governor before Tubbs was even born. So, yeah, someone else wrote this tweet as Tubbs probably knows little about the Pete Wilson days. And a throwback wouldn’t be a horrible thing, as they would be an improvement on our current situation.


But, I digress…

Tubbs ends the tweet with, “Say yes to progress” <insert *eyeroll* emoji here>

This is another indication that Tubbs is a politico who refuses to get out of his bubble. It’s no wonder Stockton continued to go to the dogs under his watch.

If Tubbs stepped outside of his heavily armed digs, he’d see what represents progress in California these days.

Homelessness is a result of “progress” in California:

Homeless, California, Coronavirus
AP Photo/Ben Margot 

Feces and Needles in the street is a result of “progress” in California:

AP/Reuters Feed Library

Rampant wildfires is a result of “progress” in California:

California, Wildfires
AP Photo/Noah Berger

Barely educated children who are now being forced to wear masks is “progress” in California:

Back to School Forecast

I could go on, but you know the drill—but apparently, Tubbs either doesn’t or pretends it doesn’t matter.

Those who support the Recall of Gavin Newsom rightly schooled Tubbs on his ill-informed tweet:


Tubbs really needs to go back to selling his memoir and creating economic opportunity out of thin air. I wonder what he is being promised as the next fail-up position should Newsom survive?



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