Kristi Noem Takes Another Shot Across the Bow Over CDC's Mask Backtrack

Kristi Noem continues to deepen her footprint as the commonsense Governor who follows the Constitution AND the Science.


Noem is not wrong. Inconsistency has been the order of the day with not only the Biden administration, but Dr. Rachelle Walensky and her “hair on fire” leadership of the CDC. “Mask-on, Mask-off” and then Mask-on again, without any clear studies and evidence beyond because I said so, does little but piss people off, and cause them to tune out anything you have to say.

The government is not our parent, despite the Democrats desire to make it so.

What Noem has offered South Dakota citizens throughout the pandemic has been a consistent voice, consistent policies, and the freedom to live their lives with stability. The citizen makes the adjustments for their safety and protection, not the government. Noem’s tweet does not show “vaccine resistance” or a “science denial”. Noem is simply letting her constituents know that as a government official, Noem is not going to tell them how they should conduct themselves, because this is not her role. Want to get a vaccine to protect yourself? Go for it! Vaccinated or unvaccinated, but feel as though you need extra protection? Feel free to wear a mask. Noem is treating her constituents as the Constitution requires, while still bringing awareness to the strategies implemented by the government to attempt to combat COVID-19.


Noem did the same in 2020, in the thick of the pandemic. While some local South Dakota businesses chose to shut down during the pandemic, Noem did not lay out any State mandates requiring them to do so.

This is a stark contrast to the Biden administration’s inconsistent, paternalistic, and insulting goal post shifting with the supposed science of COVID-19 and its well-tread mitigation strategies that are simply more of the same that didn’t work, and created greater harm than good.

Noem is smartly presenting a contrast that will be remembered by the citizens of South Dakota, and by the American people today, and hopefully in 2024.



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