NEWSOM RECALL: Governor Hair Gel Cannot Claim His Democrat Mantle on the Recall Ballot

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For all of us who have watched the Democrats manipulate the laws and rules governing this Recall, this news is particularly schadenfraudeliscious



Gov. Gavin Newsom will appear on recall ballots without his Democratic Party label after losing a last-minute legal fight Monday.

Newsom’s team had scrambled to correct an error that will now deprive him of his party preference on ballots for the Sept. 14 recall. Newsom sued Secretary of State Shirley Weber in late June, arguing that the law imposes a needlessly early deadline for recall targets to request their party designation and that voters deserve to see that information.

Newsom’s attorney said he forgot… forgot to submit the paperwork. How much do we pay these people?

The California Patriot Coalition, who are the main proponents of Recall Gavin Newsom, filed a countersuit, arguing that laws matter, whether Newsom wants to follow them, or not:

We have filed a Motion to Intervene in CA Governor Gavin Newsom’s lawsuit filed last week against his hand-picked Secretary of State Shirley Weber.  Newsom is asking for the Court to allow him to place a “D” next to his name on the recall election ballot, even though Newsom blew the deadline for requiring the Secretary of State to do so by 16 months.  We note that the deadline blown by Newsom is contained in a statute that Newsom himself signed into law.

The people of California have been on the receiving end of scores of outrageous orders and laws issued and signed by Newsom in his self-perceived role as King of California. Throughout his time in office he has acted above-the-law as if he is not subject to California’s Constitution, the State Legislature and the will of the great people of California.

We do not believe the Secretary of State will put up a strong (if any) defense to the lawsuit.  Thus, we are seeking to intervene in the action to hold Newsom to the law.

Newsom well-knows the power of having a D appear next to his name in a California election. As one former Democrat political strategist was quoted last week as saying:

“Most California voters are not deeply engaged, and some may not know Newsom’s party affiliation. … It makes all the sense in the world for the governor to want to be identified on the ballot as a Democrat because … [i]f he can make sure that Democratic voters in California … know that he is one of them, he beats the recall.”[1]


Where’s the lie? Newsom knows the Pavlovian penchant of most progressives to “vote Blue no matter who”, and will automatically choose the letter. Newsom has unlimited resources to mount opposition on this Recall, so consider this an example of His Hairfulness just barely trying. He is so confident that he has this Recall election in the bag that he couldn’t bother to file paperwork on time.

It’s lazy, and reflects his disregard of rules, laws, and boundaries. They have no effect on him, hence why we are where we are.

From the Las Vegas Sun:

Thomas Willis, and an attorney for Weber both argued during an hourlong hearing Friday that Newsom merely missed an arbitrary, harmless filing deadline and that it is in the voters’ interest to know his party preference.

Adding that information now wouldn’t cause a procedural problem because elections officials still have enough time to ensure Newsom’s party preference appears on the ballot along with those seeking to replace him, Weber said in a court filing.

“At base this comes down to whether the governor of California has to follow the unambiguous law — and it just so happens, a law that he signed,” countered attorney Eric Early, representing recall supporters including lead proponents Orrin Heatlie and Mike Netter and the California Patriot Coalition.

Sacramento County Superior Court Judge James Arguelles said his decision Monday came down to whether there are reasons to look beyond the Newsom-approved law that required the governor to submit his party affiliation to the state’s top election official by February 2020.

He determined that the law “unambiguously precludes party information from appearing on a recall ballot where the elected officer fails timely to make the designation.”


Amazing. Perhaps it’s a harbinger, or just more of what to expect from His Hairfulness and his very-monied cronies.

Laurel Rosenhall of CalMatters had this deep thought:

Still, it’s remarkable that the man who signed the law allowing the partisan label… and who has the most access to the state’s best political lawyers… may get hosed by his attorney’s mistake!

That’s what we are banking on, Laurel. But it won’t just be for his attorney’s mistake.

September 14 is the date. Vote “YES” on Question 1 to Save California.


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