DeSantis-Robinson 2024? NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson's Star Is on the Rise

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North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson first gained notoriety at an April 5, 2018 Greensboro City Council meeting, when he eloquently defended his, and his fellow gun owners, Second Amendment Rights. The Council was taking constituent comments on then-Mayor Nancy Vaughn’s attempt to end gun shows at the Greensboro Coliseum, and despite Robinson’s qualifier that he didn’t have time to prepare a fancy speech, his words were well-spoken, fiery, and effective.



What stood out in that 2018 speech were two things: 1) I am the majority—a law abiding citizen who wants my constitutional rights respected; and 2) I am everybody—we want our rights and we want to keep our rights.

Robinson’s exclusiveness as a Black man, coupled with his inclusiveness as a law-abiding American and contributing part of the community, were embodied in the gravitas of this short speech, and gave Robinson distinction.

Since that speech, Robinson has been establishing himself as not only a refined orator and an accomplished public speaker, but as a transformational leader and contender for higher office. Robinson ran for NC Lt. Governor in 2020 and won the seat. Now he uses his platform to not only defend the liberties of North Carolinians, but to speak on the issues in our nation that are cutting into our fundamental liberties and constitutional freedoms.

At the 2021 North Carolina GOP Convention, Robinson once again spoke eloquently about our liberties and why we need to proclaim them loudly and proudly, and fight for them. My colleague Brandon Morse covered the speech and its power here. However, this speech was not the only one of note. Back in March, Robinson spoke at the Rockingham County Republican Party Convention on why he is a Republican, why Republicans need to tell the story about who the party is and what the party stands for, and why our fight is not against liberalism, but extremism.


Robinson said he is a member of the Republican Party because it has always stood for,

“Freedom and Equality. It stands for the Republic, and it always has.

“That’s part of the problem with us. We have allowed other people to tell our story for far too long. The news media, and the social media, and the people on those platforms like to say this is the party of ‘Old, rich, white men.’

“I’m not rich. I’m not that old, although sometimes when I wake up in the morning I feel like it. And I’m not a white man.

“This is not the party of Old, rich white men. This is the party of patriots. This is the party that believes in common sense.”

Robinson then discussed how Republican women were the drivers of the abolitionist movement, and helped to shape the direction of the party, even before they had the right to vote themselves. How the Republican Party spearheaded the passage of the 19th Amendment, and the 1965 Civil Rights legislation for which the Democrats steal credit.

“When you look back through history, you see that freedom, the road to freedom, has gone through the Republican Party,” Robinson said.

“We are the champions of freedom in this nation, and we need to start telling that story.”


I would add we also need to revitalize that history and embody it again. Much of the GOP leadership is trying to be Democrat-lite. It’s time we returned to our roots, in word, and most importantly, in action.

Many conservatives are fixated on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and rightfully so. But we need all the strong, conservative leaders we can get, and it is a pleasure to see this particular leader of substance emerging.

Perhaps we will see Robinson on the presidential ticket in 2024, perhaps beyond that. But the leadership he is embodying now is the energy this party, and this country needs.

Robinson came to the locus of his speech and defined our fight:

“We’ve reached a point in this country where it’s not even really about Republican or Democrat. It’s about extremes.

“The problem is not liberalism. The problem is not believing that you have the right to be in a relationship with someone of the same sex. The problem is not that someone calls themselves a transgender person. The problem is extremism.”

Robinson presented a powerful grasp of history, and how the people of this country need to quickly learn from it, and connect the dots, before we are doomed to repeat it.


“We cannot remain silent, anymore,” he said.

Robinson rounded out his speech with this charge:

  1. Stop being afraid. Robinson gave examples of the climate of terror that the Left is producing in this nation, and how we need to stand against it; and
  2. It is our charge to keep the Republic, free.

Robinson ended the speech by saying,

“Freedom is at hand, and it’s in our hands.”


Under 25 minutes, and worth the listen.



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