Bev. Hills PD Arrests Black Man in White Mask Connected to Multiple Robberies Across L.A.

(AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Your Sunday News of the Weird

A Black man disguises himself in a “White Face” mask, and commits over 30 robberies.

You really cannot make this stuff up.

From the story:

Authorities arrested a man believed to be connected with more than 30 masked burglaries across the Los Angeles area.

Rockim Prowell, 30, of Inglewood, was arrested on Sunday following a traffic stop in Beverly Hills. He was later charged by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office with two counts of burglary, two counts of grand theft, and one count of vandalism.

Police found items, including a face mask, in the vehicle he was driving that linked him to a string of burglaries, the Beverly Hills Police Department said. They also determined the license plates attached to the vehicle were stolen.

Authorities connected Prowell with at least two burglaries in Beverly Hills. One was on April 20 in the 1900 block of Loma Vista Drive, which helped authorities link the suspect to another burglary, on June 20, 2020, that occurred in the 100 block of Stanley Drive. During both crimes, the suspect stole flat-screen televisions.

Police searched Prowell’s Inglewood residence, and found stolen items connected to more residential burglaries. According to L.A. County Sheriff’s records, Prowell was released on bond.

These are non-violent crimes allegedly perpetrated by a Black offender. So, with George Gascón still at the helm as Los Angeles County District Attorney, who knows where this will go, if anywhere? The City of Beverly Hills is one of the several L.A. County cities that issued a vote of “No Confidence” against D.A. Gascón, but this has no legal bearing on Gascón’s actions, or the District Attorneys office normal course of business.

Gascón is too busy re-opening use of force cases that former D.A. Jackie Lacey had settled, and maligning the victims and organizers of the recall effort against him to care about robberies perpetrated on the rich and famous.