In the Shadow of a Recall, L.A. County District Attorney George Gascón Taps Alex Bastian as His Minister of Disinformation

In the Shadow of a Recall, L.A. County District Attorney George Gascón Taps Alex Bastian as His Minister of Disinformation
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KFI AM 640 Correspondent and Media Relations Consultant Steve Gregory exposed Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón’s hand in how he plans to handle the press from here on out. Yesterday, at Gascón’s 100 Days in Office online press conference, Gregory let it be known that all media questions were being filtered through Gascón’s newest addition to his executive team: Alex Bastian.

Gregory appeared on KFI’s John & Ken Show and reported on this unorthodox methodology in handling the press. Correspondents are now required to send a text message with their questions, and then Bastian either allows those questions to be asked, or he tacitly ignores them.

“They’re going to school us L.A. press people on how to do media,” Gregory surmised.

This was a new thing to Gregory, who, in questioning Bastian about his role in the Gascón administration, said,

“I could never get him to pin it down, because he kept doing this song and dance. He says he is a media advisor to the District Attorney.”

According to Bastian’s LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, he is a “Special Advisor at Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office”. Bastian worked with Gascón as an Assistant District Attorney and Director of Communications when Gascón was the D.A. in that part of the State. Along with Tiffani Blacknell, who is playing enforcer on Gascón’s Special Directives, it appears Gascón is adding another ally to his team.

Bastian tendered his resignation from the San Francisco District Attorney’s office in January, and was profiled in the San Francisco Examiner:

Bastian spent more than a decade with District Attorney’s Office. He began handling communication for Gascon in 2013 after working for more than three years as an assistant district attorney prosecuting felony and misdemeanor cases.

He was a voice for Gascon as the district attorney sought to position himself as a reform-minded prosecutor and took criticism from different sides for surging auto burglaries, or declining to charge officers in police shootings.

So, Bastian is an expert at putting red ribbons around the stinking turds that are Gascón’s policies. We know that Gascón is in dire need of his Joseph Goebbels as he faces a more than credible Recall effort, and increasing positions of “No Confidence” from Los Angeles County cities and law enforcement.

As one of our little Twitter birds noted:

From the clip, when Gregory pressed Bastian about this new form of pressers via text, Gregory said he was rebuffed, and that Bastian was “ignoring questions.”

When you control the questions, you control the narrative.

“They’re really telling us what we should be reporting on, what we should know,” Gregory said.

John and Ken wanted to know whose payroll Bastian was on, but Gregory didn’t have the answer to that.

If it’s on the Los Angeles County taxpayer’s dime, you better believe we will all start to demand answers from Gascón’s new Propaganda Minister.

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