Newsom Continues to Go BlueAnon on the Recall, Ignores The Voice of The People

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With fresh silver highlights, sparkling teeth, and nicely pressed, $5,000 suits, Gavin Newsom is taking to his favorite media to denounce the proponents of the Recall and claim that it is an attack on “California’s values”.


<Insert very long and large eyeroll emoji here>.

From a presser in Alameda County:

“I think it’s important that people know who they are. The chief proponent of this Recall effort, the chief proponent believes that we should microchip immigrants. That’s the chief proponent.”

“You look at the original sponsors of it. Someone who is a proud member of the 3 percenters, an alt-right conspiracy group. Others who are devout conspiracy theorists. Who actually believe in Q-Anon.”

“Others who literally supports the insurrection, supported on January 6. That’s the group.”

“Look at the petition. Look at the actual reasons they themselves listed. It has to do with immigration, the browning of California. It has to do deeply with our values, the things we hold dear. And so I’m not just fighting for me, I’m fighting for you, I’m fighting for the values of this state. And there’s a lot at stake because in these elections, who knows what can happen? So, I’m going to fight it.”

Slow golf clap.


Since when did illegal immigration become a value? Who holds it dear? Certainly not the majority of Californians, just the progressive elitists with whom Newsom and his ilk traffic.

He repeated the same points with the harpies of The View. They looove them some Gavin, and Whoopi Goldberg started off by claiming he did, “a pretty damn good job in this gigantic state of keeping it together in circumstances where you didn’t get a lot of help.”


This same Whoopi Goldberg also congratulated New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on his pandemic response and was there to award him an Emmy. There’s not a grain of salt microscopic enough for that.

It was a more edited version, but when asked why he was getting recalled, Newsom delivered the same talking points about “California” values.

“It goes to our values. It’s less about me, it’s more about California, Democrat party values.”

Ahh, a bit of truth peeks out. “California, Democrat values” is a much more accurate description of his policies. It also explains why he ignores any Californian who does not ascribe to those values.

“At the end of the day it’s these principles that I am fighting for,” he told Goldberg.

Interesting what his Hairfulness will fight for. Prisoners. Illegals. Oligarchs. Frauds. Not a whole lot of space for the hardworking citizens of California on that list.

  • It would have been nice if Newsom chose to fight for small businesses owners who were struggling to keep their businesses open and afloat during this pandemic.
  • It would have been nice if Newsom chose to fight for children to get back into school and to pursue their sports.
  • It would have been nice had Newsom suspended AB5 so that independent contractors and the self-employed could have earned a living while being locked down by his policies, instead of being subject to a faulty and fraudulent EDD system.

None of those ranked in Hair Gel’s values or people to fight for. Interesting, isn’t it?

Yesterday evening, Newsom appeared on The Lead With Jake Tapper, and repeated the same claptrap. The fact that he repeatedly refuses to actually address the grievances against him, but instead attacks the people who organized the Recall is more than telling—it’s pathological.

Tapper rattled off the allegations against the Lead proponents: Anti-vaxxers, Q-Anon conspiracists, white supremacists. Newsom wanted to clarify to Tapper what he meant.

“Just the lead proponents. The Lead proponent is someone who thinks you should microchip illegals. That’s factual. At the end of the day that’s the origins of this.”

No, it’s not, but do go off.

To Tapper’s credit, he pushed Newsom about the 2 million signatures, and the makeup of these citizens who, with clear knowledge of who was mounting this Recall, chose to sign. Newsom responded:

“I respect that, it’s been a difficult year. The reality is California was the first state that issued a stay-at-home order, I think we’ve saved thousands of lives.”

And cost thousands more through your mismanagement, malfeasance, and lack of foresight. This man wouldn’t know reality if it came up and gave him a buzz cut.

Newsom continued to gaslight to Tapper about his vaccine response, and crowed about the schools that still haven’t been reopened, but would be “any day now.”


In this 10-minute segment, he did not once mention or express true care for the 2 million citizens who think his actions are grave enough to have him removed from office. It’s like we’re this amorphous blob in the atmosphere. Sorry boo, your climate-change policies will not fix that.

“I’m deeply mindful, and I’m deeply respectful of all the anxieties people have experienced over the last year.”

“Anxieties”? People lost their businesses. People lost loved ones. People had to flee the state. “Anxieties” is a milquetoast word for these horrors. But then, we are dealing with a milquetoast governor.

Then Tapper asked him about the French Laundry:

“You don’t regret going to the dinner, you said you regret that there were too many people at the table?”

Newsom responded,

“Restaurants are open, that’s neither here or there.”

“I’ve apologized ad nauseum. Haven’t made a mistake like that before or since.”

LIAR! February 27, 2021. The Washington Examiner reported,

California Gov. Gavin Newsom posted a video of himself inside a restaurant in an area of the state where indoor dining is still banned in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Newsom posted a video to his TikTok account inside Fresno’s Los Amigos restaurant alongside celebrity George Lopez talking about where residents can find information about vaccine eligibility. The governor’s office denied Newsom dined in the restaurant.


This was before outdoor or indoor dining had been reinstituted in the State. Of course he denied it, because its on brand for Newsom. He tried to deny the French Laundry too, until someone brought the receipts.

Citizen journalism rocks.

But Newsom’s response: Basically, get over it; after all, I have.

If His Hairfulness was truly interested in learning the reasons why 2 million signatures were obtained, he would look past the proponents, and go straight to the tab on the website that says, “Give Us Your Reasons” for supporting the Recall. There are hundreds of well-written and multifaceted responses. None of them talk about “Democrat values”.

Here are a few:

Raymond, from San Diego County:

I don’t normally support the idea of recalls. They cost the state money, and changing governors are what we hold normal elections for. But I’m making an exception for Newsom. By executive order he changed California election laws in violation of the state constitution. By mandating that absentee ballots be sent to every registered voter in the state,  having made no effort to update outdated voter registration rolls, this cunning political act flooded the state with unrequested federal election ballots, effectively empowering unscrupulous activists to harvest ballots and easily cast multiple ballots in the name of others.  […]

A democracy without secure elections is a tinder keg of righteous indignation. For leading the way on this terrible partisan scam, Newsom deserves to be recalled.


MB from Fresno County:

My reason for recalling is to support the mom and pop stores and restaurants that may not survive because of the shut down. The more we shut down, the more businesses will not survive. Newsom had priorities like passing the law for electrical cars by a certain year during the pandemic and let out prisoners- come on! These aren’t helping the pandemic.

James from Los Angeles County:

I work in live entertainment.  Due to the Governors failed Covid policies my industry is decimated and I am on California’s FAILED Workshare program.  As such I have been on the program since the spring.  The state owes me thousands of dollars in past certifications.  I am still owed from as far back as August.  MY peers and I reach out to the EDD for assistance and rarely get any response.  As of today, I haven’t been paid in a month.  My account was flagged for fraud as were thousands of others.  It’s been 9+ months and the 6th Largest Economy in The World (which Newsome and others love to boast about) can’t even handle an EDD mess, 9 MONTHS!

He’s a dictator more than a Governor.  Our homeless, unemployment, and poverty numbers are skyrocketing while we are unable to make a living.  NOTHING he has done has worked with his handling of Covid.  We are now the epicenter of the worst case numbers in the nation.  We cannot afford his failed policies and leadership any longer.  Recall him ASAP!


Michael from Contra Costa County

Counties all up and down the state are running short of Covid 19 vaccine and it appears that the governor is continuing to play political games with Californian’s health. Why isn’t the state getting ALL the vaccine it has out to counties. The state of California under Newsom’ un-leadership is still lagging behind most of the country in vaccinations. Enough is enough. If you have not signed the petition, please do so and vote Newsom out  of office.



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