Gavin Newsom's Address: Less About the State of the State, More About the State of His Empty Soul

Our RedState Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar did an awesome takedown of Governor Hair Gel’s State of the State speech, so I won’t be treading that ground here. I strongly recommend you read it, because Jennifer VL brought some solid and revelatory facts of which most people in the State are not even aware, and that the legacy media refuses to discuss, even in light of the Recall of the governor.


Speaking of the Recall, His Hairfulness did not even utter the actual word, but he decided to double down on stupid and paint the Recall from a partisan lens.

Per Deadline:

“So to the California critics, who are promoting partisan power grabs and outdated prejudices and rejecting everything that makes California great, we say this: We will not be distracted from getting shots in arms and our economy booming again,” the often-rushed and off-kilter Newsom declared in what likely will be one of his stump-speech applause lines once the looming recall kicks in and a special election is underway.

This is the sociopathic delusion of a person who lacks any form of self-awareness, and only knows how to gaslight, obfuscate, and burnish turds. Even when confronted with truth, he dances around (literally), and fails to confront the truth straight on.


He could have used the speech and this moment to talk about how he was going to address the problems that are causing him to be Recalled: His elitist attitude in breaking his own lockdown requirements, his failure to be accountable to his own party’s Legislature, the EDD fraud and mismanagement, the list goes on. Instead, he played the political cards of pretense, puffery, and pontification.

A horrible look, and for anyone who still cares, one that played out last year.

Interesting point on the locale of the speech: Instead of holding it at the State Capitol in Sacramento, Newsom chose to hold the speech in Southern California at the 56,000-seat Dodger’s Stadium. The number is supposed to represent the number of lives lost in California to COVID-19. This is peak Newsom, using symbolic gestures to cover for his tortured and hollow record of wrongs, missteps, and malfeasance.

As Newsom spoke to the empty stadium, the trained seals in the California legislature watched his speech from the Sacramento Assembly chamber, clapping like they had Tourette’s when he said something they liked.

The majority of them are clowns, but I appreciate the insight of Assemblyman James Gallagher, one of the few sane and constitutional officials in the bunch.


Probably the most telling of how deep Newsom’s denial runs is his failure to acknowledge the destructiveness of his policies. Over 31 billion in EDD fraud. Businesses and people fleeing the state. Increased crime. Out of control homelessness.

There was no acknowledgement that it is his diktats issued under emergency powers that helped the number of deaths rise so high. From the elderly who he killed in nursing homes by allowing COVID positive patients to be housed there, to transporting COVID positive illegal aliens up and down the state and putting them into hot spot hospitals to boost the COVID numbers, to the draconian lockdowns which have been proven to increase the spread—not mitigate it, to his botched rollout of vaccines.

Sadly, no one is counting the deaths that have resulted because of the lockdowns that are non-COVID related. My cousin was scheduled in early 2020 for a valve procedure, and because of the COVID lockdowns, it was postponed. When the state softly reopened in May, he was able to get the procedure, but it was too little, too late—he ended up coding on the operating table. We had a memorial service over Zoom to honor his life because of the restrictions on even funerals.


Our family is one among probably thousands whose loss could have been avoided. Now add to that the tally of suicides, like the Lodi boy who shot himself in the middle of his Zoom distance class, or the increase in drug use and overdoses as a result of the COVID lockdowns in the State.

So do preen and virtue signal over murdering thousands, your Majesty. It’s quite disgusting.

Governor Hair Gel also had the nerve to say,

“People are alive today because of the public health decisions we made — lives saved because of your sacrifice,” Newsom said. “Even so, I acknowledge it’s made life hard and unpredictable, and you’re exhausted with all of it.”

Beyond exhausted, but with the Recall, hope is on the horizon.

Then Newsom tried fill the gap left by the cancellation of Dr. Seuss, rattling off the word “certainty” like he uses the mantra of “SCIENCE!::


Frankly, had Newsom even bothered to apologize for one of those issues that Lex mentions above, he might have opened up an opportunity for redemption. With this ridiculous ending to the speech, that proverbial ship has sailed.

“I don’t think homelessness can be solved.

“I know homelessness can be solved.

“This is our cause. This is our calling.

“Let’s all rise to the challenge and make California stand as an exemplar of what true courage and compassion can achieve.

“Let’s get to work.”

You first, Governor.


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